When did I lose my passion for blogging?

It's no secret that I've taken a hiatus from the blog world for a while. I really haven't been active for about 5-6 months now. To be quite honest, I just lost the passion to blog, and it felt like another thing on my never-ending to-do lists rather than a place to share, inspire and be inspired, and connect with other creative people. When I first started blogging, it was because I wanted to share my photos and words online. After a while, businesses and bloggers started contacting me to do sponsored posts and product reviews and collaborations. At first it was fun and exciting, but after a few years of doing that, I caved under the pressure of constantly feeling the need to create new and relevant content, whether I enjoyed posting about it or not, just to keep up with my sponsors. Because of this, I got burnt out real quick.

That's the whole reason behind this blog transition. I will always love content creation, sharing my photos and thoughts, and interacting with readers. I just needed to start fresh and find out who I am again. In the process of blogging and getting sponsors, I lost my sense of self and that person I was when I absolutely loved blogging. So with this new space and freedom, I'm able to have that affinity for blogging again (and it feels great)

That being said, these last few months I've really missed blogging. Blogging for myself and what I'm currently interested in. Blogging to create community and to feel inspired by all the beautiful people in the world. I've thought long and hard about what I want to happen next with my little space on the Internet, and I've narrowed it down to a few things.


This is a more personal site, an online diary if you will; something to document my life. Whether photos from big trips, or simple everyday moments. I'm absolutely in love with my life at the moment, and I want to document it to be able to look back and relive these moments I cherish so much. 


Every once in a while, I'll share some photos of my surroundings, things I'm doing, places I've been. Aside from words, photos are my favorite communication/creative medium. It's fun to capture moments.


I've always been big on emphasizing positivity and incorporating an optimistic mindset into my life, and I love spreading that happiness around here. 

I'm looking forward to diving back into the blogging world. I've taken away the expectations and pressures of it all, and replaced all that with the simple desire to share and inspire. It feels good to be passionate about your passions again. As always, thank you for sticking around.