Catching Up #004

This week and long weekend went by really quickly, but it was glorious. Life has been stressful lately, but that just makes me that much more excited for the holidays and my vacation with Jay!

I used to think Hawaii was the most beautiful place on earth, and while I still believe that's true, there are a lot of different places in the world that hold similar qualities of beauty. The east coast has surprised me so much this autumn with the changing leaves and stunning sunsets. Plus, I've been really captivated by the moon in this Winter Solstice, it's so bright and huge! 

These photos were taken exactly a week apart. Fall has come and gone! 

I had to go into the city for a work training, and I got to explore a tiny bit! And by "tiny bit" I mean I took the metro into the city, walked to my conference, got Starbucks, and went home. Since the Parisian attacks and the threats to the U.S., the security has been really high and the day I was in the city was the day the French president was meeting with Obama. It was just a bad day to be a tourist, so I went home. I'm really looking forward to exploring the monuments and Smithsonians soon, though! 

Fall in DC is gorgeous. And here's my face.

Something I never thought about when moving into an apartment, was that you won't have an outside, roof or a yard to decorate for the holidays. Obviously, this didn't stop my neighbors. Walking past wreaths, red ribbons, and lights makes me really happy! 

He's really sweet. I love him. A lot.