Catching Up #005

Christmas is in a few days and it's still 60-70 degrees... I thought I moved away from the tropics? I want a white Christmas this year, please! In all my years of living on this planet, I've never woken up on Christmas morning to snow, and I was really looking forward to having that this year. However, all the businesses have been decorating for the holidays and playing holiday music and it's making me feel extra festive. 

On the plus side, the skies have been absolutely stunning in the mornings. Whenever I go somewhere, I've found that I'm always looking up at the sky, which can be a problem sometimes when I walk off curbs or walk into people, but most of the time it ends up in photos like this:

(These sunrise photos are unedited, if you can even believe that. Mother Nature, you beauty, you)

(I snapped these from my bedroom window. I love when the skies look like cotton candy)

I've noticed that all I post on my blog, Twitter, and Instagram are photos of the sky. I do more with my life than take pictures of the skies, I swear. I've actually been working a lot of overtime at work lately because I've been super busy with client projects and design presentations and lots and lots of deadlines that seem like they never end. But it's good. It's all work that I'm good at, that makes me happy, and that forces me to think, which I love. 

Also this past week, I went to the doctor to get my tumor checked out. A few years ago, my doctors found a benign tumor on my shoulder blade. It never bothered me until last week when it got really inflamed and infected. I ended up on antibiotics, and now it's almost fully gone! 

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I celebrated 7 months together. (If you want to read cheesy blogs about him, click here). And I'm going to Canada in a few days to see him and meet his family, and I'm so excited! 

Lastly, I'm not bringing my laptop with me on my trip and I won't have cell phone service, which will be so nice to unplug for a bit and focus on myself and my babe. Of course, I'll take lots of photos, which I'll post here once I come back! Until then, I'll be freezing and (hopefully) having a white Christmas in the Great White North!