Catching Up #006

I've been back in the states for nearly a month now (after my holiday in Canada). It's been interesting adjusting back to my life here, heading back to work in the office, and going back to skyping my boyfriend (meh).

Another thing that happened as soon as I got back to my apartment: my macbook died. It's 6 years old and the battery needed to be replaced, so I took it to the Apple Store and when they ran a diagnostic test on it, they found that my hard-drive was failing too. They recommended that I get it fixed right away, but I didn't have any of my stuff backed up, so I took it home. Then it completely failed and I lost everything on my computer. Everything. All my photos, documents, everything. I was pretty upset about that. But now I have a brand new battery and hard-drive, and it's like a brand new laptop, really! 

I have had some great new opportunities at work and with my freelancing and sponsorships, which is such a blessing. Last week, I was offered a promotion! Next month will make one year working with this company, and now I'll be changing departments from marketing to content management. I start in the beginning of next month! As for sponsorships and freelancing, I've gotten a lot of new opportunities with some fun brands that I'm excited about! 

This past weekend a huge blizzard hit the east coast, and it was really scary for me. I've lived through snowy weather when I lived in Oregon, but this was different because I was completely on my own and they were saying this storm would be the worst storm in DC history. From Friday-Saturday, we got 35 inches of snow. It's freezing outside and all the cars on the streets are covered. Of course, it's melting away right now but the cold will be around for a while.