Christmas in Canada

This Christmas was easily one of my most memorable and favorite Christmases of my life so far. I flew up to Canada to spend the holidays with my boyfriend and his family, and it was nothing short of perfect. For the two weeks I was there, my heart was so full and I felt so loved and the happiest I've ever been. I didn't want it to end, but I'll be heading back very, very soon! 

The weeks and days leading up to my trip seemed to go by so slowly. Jay and I started counting down the days as soon as I bought my plane ticket in October, and when it was finally the day for me to head to the airport, we were such a giddy, blushing mess. The flight was a little less than an hour, but it seemed like an eternity, but when I landed and saw that huge smile on his face, I knew I was home.

The Denbutter family Christmas photo! (I'm really honored/happy I got to be a part of it!) Jay's family put on such a beautiful Christmas dinner, and I really loved being a part of their holiday traditions. On Christmas Eve, we went to church together and then we skyped their family in England and watched the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Then Christmas morning, we sat in the living room and opened presents together (they even got me a Christmas stocking!). Later that day, their family and friends came over for Christmas dinner, which was so amazing. It was really nice meeting all of his family (who all greeted me with "You're the Jasmine we've heard so much about!" — it was so sweet).

My handsome boys. I fall in love over and over again when Jay sings to me, it's the sweetest thing. And Jesse is pretty cute too! I'm still finding cat hair on all my clothes, but I don't mind. I can't wait for the summer when I can get cat hair all over my clothes again! 

Since this was my first trip to Canada, Jay took me to explore Toronto. I love big cities, but there was something really different about this one. It was huge with lots of traffic and people and skyscrapers, but it still felt warm and welcoming — I loved it! We went up the CN Tower, and I very reluctantly stood on the glass floor, but the views of the city were stunning!

We're both Raptor fans (thanks to Jay) and while we were in Toronto, Jay took me to the Air Canada Centre where they play. The stadium was closed, so we decided to look in the Raptor store but the back door to the stadium was left open and Jay was poking his head around and just when he was about to walk in, a worker came up and asked if we needed help with anything. I thought we were going to be kicked out, but then he told us he would let us in and give us a quick tour! We got to go into the stadium and we also saw all the game day jerseys and the players' shoes, which was really cool! 

Our day in Toronto was beautiful. We stayed in the city until the sun went down, and then we headed back to his house for dinner and we watched Forrest Gump (it was my first time seeing that movie, and it's one of my favorites now!)

The next day, we went to Niagara Falls! It was so beautiful, but it was freezing cold and misting/snowing. We ate lunch there to stay warm inside, and then we braved it outside for a good 5 minutes, took a picture, said "wow" and then got back in the car. I loved it, but I'm excited to spend more time there this summer when it's warm and sunny! 

(Photo credit: My wonderful boyfriend)

(Photo credit: My wonderful boyfriend)

For New Years, we road tripped down to Michigan to be with their family friends. It was so snowy and beautiful there! I'd never been to Michigan before this trip, and I'm excited to go back! 

This Christmas meant so much to me. Being surrounded by so many wonderful people who are so loving and supportive toward me was an incredible thing. I knew I was madly in love with Jay before this trip, but after spending the holidays with him and his family, I fell so much more in love with him. After meeting his family and friends, I see where he gets all of his amazing qualities from, and that makes me even more excited to build a future with him. I'm so fortunate to have been able to spend Christmas with him, and I'm so grateful that they welcomed me into their home and treated me as family. Long distance is hard, but moments like these really make everything worth it — And I know God has a plan for us because he's already done so much for our love. I'm so excited to see where 2016 takes us!