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My first month in Canada!

My first month in Canada!

It's already been more than a month since I've been an honorary Canadian. It's been great and fantastic and everything I've hoped it would be, but it's been hard too. It's been an adjustment, let's just put it like that. An adjustment that I absolutely love, but at times I wish it could have been easier and less stressful.

But I read somewhere that anything worth having never comes easy, so we'll roll with that. 

The view every morning, every night, and every second in between. We love our home, the view, the neighborhood, everything about it is perfect. But really though... This view will never get old.

After I got here, we celebrated Jay's birthday at his parents' house with all of his family. It was a few weeks late, but I was so happy he wanted to wait to celebrate with me! 

In the beginning of the month, I celebrated my very first Canadian Thanksgiving. It was so strange for me to be celebrating Thanksgiving in October, but I had the greatest time with Jay's family. His mom is so great with decorating and cooking and hosting, everything was perfect. We spent the day decorating, playing music and games, and I got to know everyone a little bit better too. After dinner, we went around the table and said one thing we were all grateful for this past year. For me it was easy, I was thankful for all the love and support from everyone sitting at that table with me. Though I'd like to think of myself as a strong, smart person, there are just some things you can't do alone. Moving to Canada was one of those things, and I'm so thankful for all the people I had help me along the way. Sitting around that table really helped solidify how great of friends and family I truly have.


I've been letting myself fully indulge in everything Fall-related, and I've been loving every moment of it. We went on a date to the pumpkin patch, picked up some pumpkins for our front porch and got lost in a corn maze. It was very stereotypically "Fall" but I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

On the 16th, Jay took me out to celebrate us. It was such a perfect night, and while I was sitting across the table from him, I got so nostalgic. I looked at his face and his features and while he was talking to me, I really listened β€” not only to his words, but to his voice specifically. And I remembered the first time I saw him, the first time I heard his voice, and how much I've longed for this moment β€” the moment when we can go out to dinner, hold hands, wake up next to each other, and come home to each other at the end of each day. We've gone through so much this past month, the move took a huge toll on us both because it was so stressful and it was such a huge step to not only move to a new country, but to be with each other, and to move in together. This past month came with so many changes, but it also showed us that God brought us together because we're meant to be together. We feed off each other's strengths, and diminish each other's weaknesses, and that's what makes us great. On the 16th, I stared across the table at the guy who I'll spend forever with, and that feeling will never get old. 

Random, aimless drives have a special way of making me really happy. It sounds silly, but the idea of choosing "Left" or "Right" at the drop of a hat is so fun to me. And it's always much more fun when you're exploring a brand new place. 

Last week, I had a bad day. I didn't want to say it to Jay, because I knew he had a busy day too. But he knew. And when he picked me up from work, he took me out to an ice cream date and a walk down Main Street (my favorite street in the old part of town), because he knew it would make me smile. That's the kind of guy he is. He does the littlest and the biggest things just because he loves to see me smile. I love him for that. 

I'm so in love with this country and this season of my life. It's been a rough month, adjusting to a new speed of life is hard, acclimating to new surroundings, a different culture, and a brand new job comes with so many new feelings and emotions. But at the end of the day, I fall asleep next to the love of my life and then everything is worth it.

Everything is so beautiful, and I feel so lucky that I get to experience it all. 

Catching Up #013

Catching Up #013

And so the adventure begins... (Eh!)

And so the adventure begins... (Eh!)