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Catching Up #014

Catching Up #014

Christmas is this weekend, and I'm having a hard time accepting that. I don't want the joyfulness and happiness of the holiday season to end, and I certainly don't want to take down the Christmas tree and all the lights (so I'm totally keeping it up until at least February).

I'm reflecting on the past few weeks with all of these photos, but I'm also soaking every last Christmasy feeling up before it's over.

It's a winter wonderland in our neighbourhood, and I love it. I thought it was picture perfect during the summer and fall, but it's just as pretty in the winter time. AND I shoveled the drive for the first time ever in my entire life on Saturday and it was the most fun I've ever had (I'll never do it again, because my whole body still aches, but it was a great first experience haha).

On Fridays, I get to work from home. So I've been really enjoying waking up with Jude and watching the sun come up outside my window with some Christmas music and coffee. Slow mornings are the best, and I've missed having them. I've been so busy lately that I let go of taking time for myself every morning, writing, or reading the bible. I'm going to start doing that again, because it's something that really helps keep me calm and grateful and in the moment. 


We set up our first Christmas tree in our first house together this year, and that was really special. It reminded me of all the "firsts" that are to come, and it got me so excited for our future together. 

(I wonder if he'll hate me for posting these...)

Love you, babe! :)

"I'm in love, I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it!" -Elf.

This holiday season has been bright and happy and full of great moments and memories, and I'm so thankful to have a good job and a roof over my head and a boyfriend who loves me like crazy. It's great. But one thing I love about blogs and instagram photos and carefully curated tweets, is that you can choose exactly what you want to share and you have complete control over how it's presented and perceived. 

In this photo, I'm happy. I'm genuinely laughing and blushing because I'm not thinking about anything else, or stressing out about work or bills or whatever. But you know what? Earlier that day, I had a meltdown over something small (probably) because I let my cup fill up and overflow from all the stress, anxiety, and worry that's constantly on my mind, but you didn't know that because I didn't post about it.

The holidays are great, being here is great, my life is great — but it's also really, really hard and stressful and unbearable at times. I love sharing photos here and on social media, but I also really hate the rose-coloured glasses effect of it all. It isn't perfect, it isn't always happy, and it definitely isn't easy, but it is easy to make it seem like it is. If you're reading this, I want you to remember that.

I've been struggling lately, but I've also been trying to see the brighter side and go about my days with a positive outlook, and not dwell on things that just don't matter in the grand scheme of things — and you should too. 

Happy Holidays. ❤️



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