Things I want to achieve this year

It's a little late to be posting this, seeing how it's already two months into the "new" year. Better late than never, though! I've never been the type to set a New Year's Resolution, because I've always been the type to never follow through with them. That being said, however, I am the type to set goals for myself, or constantly be thinking of different ways to do things, or milestones that might be coming up, etc. So instead of one New Year's Resolution, I usually come up with a few little (or big) things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming 12 months.

Last year was a huge year for me personally and professionally. In February, I got my first real job since graduating from college. I was working as a social media manager in Hawaii at the time, and I loved it! Then in April, my doctors told me that my autoimmune disease went into remission, so I could slowly but surely start tapering off the medicines I was on. In May, I met the man who would quickly become the absolute love of my life (see: About Him). In August, I turned 23 and got a huge offer from my job, which would include a promotion and a relocation to the east coast. In September, I made the leap and moved from my home and my family in Hawaii all the way to the east coast. I went through security clearances, got an apartment, my flights, rental car, set up my internet, cable, electricity, furnished my new home, figured out the metro. I did everything, and that made me very proud of myself. In December, I flew up to Canada to spend the holidays with my boyfriend and met the parents, which was amazing! 

One thing I take away from 2015: Love. I found love, or it found me, I'm not sure yet. All I know is that I felt loved, I was able to love, and that made my year the best year yet. I can look back at the past year and confidently say that everything I did, I did with love. 

Things I hope to achieve this year:

  1. Gain some financial confidence. I became financially independent in 2015, and while that was a great, liberating feeling, a lot of stress came with it. Sure, it felt good not to rely on anyone else to pay for my food or clothes, but it also meant that I had to do everything on my own. (This reminds me, taxes are due soon... How does one even do their taxes? I still don't know). This year, I want to gain more confidence when it comes to my income and expenses. I make a great living for myself for a 23-year-old, yet I'm always so shy to spend it on anything. I hate spending my money. It took me 5 months to buy a $30 toaster for crying out loud! This year, I hope to change that and realize that it's okay to spend your money sometimes (as long as you don't overdo it).
  2. Go somewhere new. Last year, I didn't travel anywhere new (aside from moving to the east coast, but that doesn't really count, since I moved here). Growing up, I traveled a lot and every year we always went somewhere new. Whether it be somewhere in America, Europe, Africa, it was always something fresh and exciting. I haven't gone on a trip like that in a while, and I'm itching to go on an adventure. This year, I hope to travel to a new place and experience something different. 
  3. Keep growing in my field. I say "keep" growing because ever since I started working, it seems like all I've done is grow. I've been very fortunate in that respect. I've had a lot of people believe in me, and mentor me, and give me a chance. And sometimes that's all you need — someone to give you a chance to prove to them what you can do. I started out as an intern and I've slowly but surely made my way around the company, in different departments, and now I'm sitting comfortably in a management position and it feels great. It feels great to be recognized and respected for my talents. This year, I want to continue that growth. I want to push the limits and see how far my ambitions can take me. I want to meet more professionals and get my name out there. The world is a big place, who knows where my career can take me.
  4. Grow in my faith. Ever since I met my boyfriend, my relationship with God has grown so much. Jay has pushed me to be closer to my faith, and to do everything in a Christian way, which is something I admire so much about him. I remember the first time he suggested we pray together, I don't think I've ever been so happy to hear such a simple question. He's just a great Christian guy, and he motivates me to be a better person every day through the faith we share. This year, I want to grow closer to God and really give him thanks for all that He's done for me.
  5. Reach milestones in my relationship. This May, we'll make one year of being together. One year, already?! Time flies. This year, I hope to hit some more major milestones with him. Whether it be going on a trip together (Hawaii? England?) or moving in together, we can use this year to grow together even more. So much happened for us in 2015 and our future looks so bright, so I'm so excited to see what 2016 has in store for us. 

I know it's cliché, and overused, and it just sounds dumb, and you can laugh all you want, but I'm gonna say it:

I have a feeling that this is my year.