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100 days into 2016

100 days into 2016

We're already 100 days into the "new year" and I want to revisit some of the goals I set for myself back in February, and see if I've made any progress. I glanced at my list of 5 goals I set for myself, and truthfully, I haven't made very much progress. That being said, however, I have made some progress in other areas that I didn't even realize were goals of mine. 

New goals I didn't realize I had:

1. Be healthy — I've always been somewhat of a healthy person, I don't like candy or chips, I hardly ever drink soda or eat red meats, and I hate being still for too long. However, I do forget to eat, and that was making me sick. A few months ago, I started running every morning and I've been making sure I drink lots and lots of water and I've been buying tons of fresh fruits. Being healthy makes my body feel good, which has made me feel really happy.

2. Get back into writing and reading — I used to write something new every day, whether it be prose or poetry or a blog or academic or even just writing down thoughts in my personal journal. I always set time aside during my day to write, and I haven't done that in such a long time. Recently, I've been enjoying writing for myself and reading some good books. ("Brave Enough" by Cheryl Strayed is really, really good).

3. Improve my design skills — My online space looks a little different. That's because I've been studying coding and different web parts in my spare time. I've been really inspired by digital design lately, and creating online spaces is something that I've become passionate about. I love how easy it is to alter something, and how liberating it is to build something from the ground up. 

Progress on goals I set for this year:

1. Gain some financial confidence — I hate spending money, no matter what it's for. I work hard for the money I earn, and I like to save it at all costs (pun very intended). I think I got this trait from my late grandfather, he hated spending money, would rather fix or make everything himself, and it was a very rare occasion when he would treat himself to something special. I admire this trait, but I have gotten better at realizing when it's okay to treat myself once in a while. For example, I recently bought some new furniture, spring/summer clothes, and books! 

2. Go somewhere new — I haven't had the chance to travel yet this year. But I did go to the White House! My boyfriend is coming for a visit soon, and we'll explore the city, which I've also yet to do since I've lived here... (I've lived in DC for 7 months and haven't gone to the Smithsonian's or anything yet!). Then in either July or August, I'll be heading to Canada for the summer, which will be so much fun. I've been reading and looking at a lot of different countries and places I'd like to visit, and I also really want to go camping, so I hope I get to do those things this year!

3. Keep growing in my field — This is huge for me because I love the idea of constantly improving and never staying stagnant. When I got my promotion in February, I knew there were a lot of things I had to learn, and that excited me. Well it's been two months, and I still do research every day and I'm always learning something new. I'm also going to be enrolling in a few certifications and classes, which will help me broaden my skills even more. Nerd life? I think so, and I love it. 

4. Grow in my faith — This one is easy, and it comes so naturally when you have a partner that holds the same goal, and pushes you to be a better Christian every day. I started reading scriptures in the mornings, which helps me get my days off to a positive start. If you're looking for some quick, faith-based readings, I really recommend She Reads Truth, it's great! 

5. Reach milestones in my relationship — We make one year next month, which is just amazing to think how quickly the past year flew by with him. When I look back at the time we spent loving each other, my heart feels so full. I say I want to reach milestones in my relationship, but if I'm being honest, I feel like I reach a milestone with him each and every day. Every day is a new opportunity to love him, and learn more about him, and figure out how we fit together as a couple, and find new things to admire. So yes, reaching one year is a milestone, but every second with him is a milestone, too.


Goal-setting and accountability are two things that I really love. Even if it takes a little longer to reach goals I set for myself, seeing my progress along the way (and discovering new goals and passions) is something I live for. My advice? Constantly seek out ways to improve yourself, and be a better version of yourself, and never allow yourself to stay stagnant. You're alive, so stay moving, growing, learning, always reaching for something higher. You'll be so much happier when you allow yourself to grow and push yourself to succeed. 

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