Catching Up #008

Life has been great lately. Work is going well, my apartment is slowly getting more furnished, my health has been really great, and as you can tell from the following photos, it's finally sunny and warming up outside! 

It's kind of crazy how much of a bubble I was living in when I was in Hawaii. I thought that no place could ever be as beautiful as Hawaii, but as I continue to explore more of the world, I've come to realize that there'e beauty everywhere. Who knew that the DC Metro area could look like this? I really love my neighborhood (especially now that it isn't covered in snow).

I went out for a really long walk yesterday because the weather was really nice, and I'm glad I did! There's a lot of pretty places near my house that I haven't taken the time to explore yet, so yesterday's little adventure was fun. I also realized that the walk from my house to the Starbucks isn't that far (which can also be a dangerous thing to have found out)

I'm just feeling very blessed to be living my life. I'm grateful to wake up every morning, I'm thankful that I'm breathing, and smiling, and able to do what I want with my life, because a lot of people aren't granted that. I'm thankful that I'm in good health, have a good job, a great relationship, and live on a beautiful planet. I'm counting my blessings today.