Catching Up #009

I've been feeling very grateful and blessed especially in these last few weeks. Do you ever feel like everything you've been working toward is finally coming to fruition, or that all of your prayers are being heard? It's a great feeling, and that's what my days have been looking like lately. 

This was my alarm clock for three days during the work week. Getting woken up at 3 am, 5am, and 7am was just cruel, but luckily they were all false alarms and no one was hurt! A plus side to this was that all of my neighbors with pets had their dogs and cats outside, so I got to meet a lot of new furry friends! 

Last Sunday, I took advantage of the sunshine and went on a nice long walk around my neighborhood (and somehow ended up at Starbucks). I also picked up some stamps to mail out my Mother's Day cards! 

This week, I also started writing again! This is something I've really let go of in the past year, and it felt really good to get back into it. I also had some down time to catch up on reading (which ended in me taking an "accidental" hour-long nap)

On Friday, I went on my usual weekly trip to the market, but this time I took my time. I got myself some tea, sat outside for a bit, and walked around the farmer's market outside before going in to buy my groceries. It was a nice ending to the week, and I might make it a weekly thing! 

This week had a nice change of pace to it, I did things differently and changed up my routine. I surprised myself by doing things I don't normally do, and that gave my mind a fresh awakening, which was something everyone needs from time to time. Going into this next week, I hope to keep up this pace of welcoming new things, being my positive and happy self, and I'm looking forward to keeping busy.