Catching Up #010

Life has been one wild ride lately. So many good things are happening, so many prayers are being answered, and the weather has been beautiful! (Way too hot and humid, but the sunshine feels so good). I'm getting really excited about the next few weeks and months! 

My apartment is two stories, and all that's upstairs is my office and extra storage. I have a bunch of boxes upstairs full of mementos and photos, so the other day I spent some time going through those boxes and flipping through some memories. I came across an envelope full of photos from my trip to Italy, and I got a strong urge to go back to Europe. Hopefully soon! 

This isn't new by any means, but I'm still really in love with it. I got this bookshelf from Urban Outfitters on sale, and I've been slowly buying books to put on it! These are some of my favorite books that I have right now. "Wanderlust" and "The Desire Map" are all about finding your own path in life and going after things that bring you happiness. "The Wild Muir" is a collection of stories from John Muir, who is one of my all-time favorite environmentalists and conservationist. My dad used to read me this when we went camping, so I already know all the stories, but I had to buy it because this book just makes me smile. "You Are Here" is a great book about living in the moment. It's a good slap-in-the-face book (in a good way). "Brave Enough" is a collection of quotes from Cheryl Strayed. And the last book is a business-esque book about succeeding in the marketing world.

I made a trip to Target strictly for cleaning supplies so that I could deep clean my tile grouts (and was obviously very happy about it?)

I also had a '90s "scary" movie moment in bed. Followed by a nap. Of course. 

I say this all the time, but life is looking pretty good lately. I'm so thankful for all the good in my life, and I appreciate the bad things because they help me to appreciate the better parts of my days. I'm looking forward to some summer rain storms, because this heat right now is just a little too unbearable. But one thing I am really excited about is that my boyfriend is coming to visit me in two weeks, and I. Can't. Wait.