Catching Up #012

So much has been happening in my life lately since I posted my last Catching Up post. A lot of which I can't really talk about, but hopefully I can share soon (it's exciting, like, really exciting). Since my boyfriend's visit in June — has it really been nearly two months since he was here?! — I've been throwing myself into work and stressing out a lot about every aspect of my life. But things are finally looking positive, so that's always a good thing! Also, I worked really hard on this blog redesign, how do you like it? I'm in love with it! 

Remember when I planted dwarf sunflowers? Well, they died. I was so excited for them to bloom too! Oh well... Next time. 

I got preoccupied doing other things that I completely neglected my kitchen. I had other things like soup and bread so I didn't starve, but I haven't seen my freezer this empty since I first moved into this apartment! 

If this isn't the most beautiful piece of bread I've ever seen... (naturally, I had to take a photo)

I made it a little goal of mine to eat better meals, take the time to cook myself something nice, and be healthier overall. I usually eat the same things, so when I took a trip to the grocery store, I made sure to buy foods that I don't normally eat. It worked out really well! And I made the best beef stew. The best.

So I downloaded Pokemon Go (and deleted it, because it got real boring real quick), but it got me outside and I saw things I normally wouldn't have seen! Like this deer friend. And I know everyone I tell about this deer encounter is getting really tired of hearing me say it, but this photo was taken without zoom! I was so close to this guy and that made me so excited. I felt like Bear Grylls. 

I got sick for the first time this year and found myself in a bubble bath and in this spot a lot. (And yes, I sleep with my boyfriend's hoodie when we're apart!)

I had some good mail days over the past month! I got a PR package from Kat Von D, which was fun (Not too sure if the products are worth the money, but they sure do look pretty!). I also got a few boxes from my grandma, she sends me peanut butter in the mail because she loves me (and peanut butter is everything). There are also no photos of said peanut butter because I unashamedly ate it all haha.

Last week, I turned 24! While it was pretty uneventful, I will be celebrating my birthday with Jay and his family in Canada this weekend! And Jay also got us tickets to see Brad Paisley on the 18th, which I'm super excited about! I leave for Canada on Friday, and I'm counting down the hours. I'm so, so, so excited!