A little road trip

A few weeks ago, we went on a little Sunday drive up north. It was the loveliest day. 

One of Jay's family friends was visiting from Holland and it was so great getting to know her (and she's moving to Canada!) We started the day at church, followed by lunch at his parents house, and then we piled into the car.

There's something so special to me about car rides. The rest of the world seems to stop and it's just you and the other people in the car, music, thoughts, laughter. It also helps that Canada is so, so beautiful. Here are some of my favourite photos from that day.

A little update: I've been finding relief, happiness, and an outlet through writing and reading my bible. I started writing more creatively, pouring my thoughts out, and being a bit more poetic.

I've also been adding "Jesus time" into my everyday. I do bible plans on the Bible App, and I really love it! It helps to get myself out of my own head, and look at things more clearly. (If you're not religious but are looking for something that will do something similar for you, I recommend reading "You Are Here" by Thich Nhat Hanh. So good!)

And lastly, I haven't worn makeup or contacts in over a week! I have an eye infection, and so I haven't been wearing makeup at all. At first, it was weird for me because I'm so used to always wearing it and feeling empty/naked without it. But this has been the most empowering feeling. Knowing that I can live my everyday life without painting my eyelashes black was needed. And the best part? My boyfriend is so supportive and gave me millions of compliments when I was feeling insecure about leaving the house "naked." I can feel/be pretty by just being myself. Who knew? 

Have a great week!