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Two Years

Two Years

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same" - Emily Bronte

As of today, I've been loving you for two years. 

Two of the greatest, most influential, and incredible years of my entire life — and I spent them with my best friend, the love of my life. 

We started out long distance. Hawaii. Canada. It was full of FaceTime, Skype, phone calls, and texts, and dreaming of the day when we would be together.

Then after I got a job on the east coast, we were only a few hundred miles apart. We were still dependent on Skype and texting and dreaming, but at least we were on the same timezone.


Then after over a year of the long distance madness, we were together! I moved to Canada and we moved in together, and here we are. 

After two years of being with you, I'm completely transformed. I'm new. I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm a much stronger Christian. I'm comfortable with myself. I'm free. I believe in the dreams I have. I love loving you. 

Since we moved in together, we've both grown so much and I'm so proud of that. We've grown together and it's an amazing feeling. I've grown in my career path, and realized many more dreams that I have. You graduated college, achieved so, so much, and have made me fall for you so much more. 

Being with you has made me fall in love with the world. I look at everything in such a different way now. I view things in a more positive way. I take the good from the bad. I look at every situation as an opportunity to grow. I think of our future every chance I get — marriage, kids, travel, home, everything. 

I love all of the struggles and successes we've gone through together. I love the life we get to journey through together. Seasons have been shifting for us a lot lately — so many changes in what sees like a very short period of time. Good things, and very real and hard things, and yet more and more good things. 

As I'm reflecting on the past two years, I'm just feeling extremely grateful for our life together — the extraordinary and the ordinary, the beauty of the mundane, the lessons and the growth, the incredible guy I get to share it all with, the wonder and awe of our creator who orchestrates it, and most of all him: my love. My rock. My best friend. There is no one on this earth I would rather experience this all with. 

Here's to many, many more. 

Ik hou van jou. (I love you)

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Pretty new glasses!

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