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Catching Up #021

Catching Up #021

It's the middle of JULY. Where is this year going?! It seems like just the other day I was watching fireworks with Jay and his family - but that was over 2 weeks ago now! 

Time has been flying lately, which is fine by me because it means two things:

  1. Closer to Hawaii!! (As I write this, we've got 41 more days!)
  2. Fall and changing leaves and crisp weather and pumpkins and yummy food holidays!

Here's what my life's been looking like lately.

Early in the month, we went to a friend's house for a BBQ and they surprised us with a celebration for Jay's graduation! It was so, so, so sweet and it reminded me how lucky I am to have made such great connections with people since I've moved here! 

My future mama-in-law gave me a cute aloe plant, so I got to drive to work with a plant in my cupholder. It now lives happily on my desk! 

My first Canada Day was amazing! We all went to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks and earlier in the day we had a BBQ at Jay's parents house with the family.

I loved being a part of the Canadian holiday and festivities, but it did make me miss America a whole lot. So we went over to Jay's parents' house on the 4th and my mama-in-law made me an American cake! It was so sweet and made me feel super special. I'm lucky to have such a great second family!

I've been spending lots of time in the sunshine, by the pool with my handsome and it makes me so happy! The sunshine is the best kind of medicine, especially when you get to share it with people you love - but seriously... how'd I get so lucky?!? God really, really blessed me with him!

Last but not least, you know I couldn't let this blog end without some cat pictures! Jude is getting so big and she's adorable as ever. And here's Jake, Jay's parents' cat - so Jude's... cousin? 

Anyway, this is what life has been looking like lately. Last week was a rough one, and I don't know why - but sometimes we go through those kinds of days and weeks. I'm approaching this upcoming week in a positive way, and I think it'll be good! I do my bible studies every day, I've been reading for fun more - I just finished "A Man Called Ove" and don't recommend it, but now I'm reading "Girl On A Train" and it's pretty good! And we're going to Hawaii in 41 days!!! 

Have a great week! 

After work on a Tuesday

After work on a Tuesday

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