Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In 2012, I lost my stepmom to breast cancer. Last year, my mom got checked for lumps (she’s okay, thankfully). This year, one of our friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. And with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it just seemed fitting to join a walk.

I thought about my stepmom a lot that day. I was surrounded by other survivors, fighters, and people (like me) who have been affected by breast cancer by losing a loved one.

It was emotional, but smiles were everywhere.

It felt good doing good.

My mom and I before the walk!

We had a pink sunset that night. It seemed fitting after a day filled with pink and love.

Do you know anyone who is battling or has battled breast cancer? Tell me! I’d love to add them to my prayer list ❤️

2 responses to “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. I appreciate your effort in raising awareness. Cancer, although I don’t know anyone affected, can be a long hard slog. It can be extremely exhausting for the sufferer as well as the family. Good job on supporting this worthy cause 🙂


    • Thank you! It’s really tough on everyone who’s affected. I didn’t expect to feel as many emotions as I did that day because we lost my stepmom 5 years ago, but it still hit me. So I can only imagine what other people go through. It’s heartbreaking!


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