Thanksgiving at Home

The last two Thanksgivings have been very different. Last year, I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I was in Canada (so I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in October). The year before that, I was living on my own in DC, and I spent Thanksgiving by myself.

So this year when I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with my family, I was over the moon.

We spent the day baking and cooking, watching the parade, playing board games, and of course… napping. It was perfect. Here are some photos from that day!

Spending the holidays with my family will always be my favorite thing to do. Did you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family? How did you spend the day? 💛

27 responses to “Thanksgiving at Home”

  1. So glad your got to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. It doesn’t get any better than that. We host every year at our house…I need to remember to include board games in our day. Thanks for sharing.


  2. We had a very laid-back Thanksgiving. We drove about an hour away and ate lunch with my grandmother. And we came back home and just relaxed. We also met with some other family the night afterwards and ate dinner.


  3. Thanksgiving is a day that i love. It brings family together with out the gifts and Santa craze. I feel like THanksgiving is a day our family really gets to connect and catch up. Glad you had a great day


    • That’s a really great way of putting it, Censie! The craziness of Christmas presents and gifts and shopping is very overwhelming. I like that Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that doesn’t include presents as a main event. That’s special 🙂


  4. I didn’t know that there was a Canadian Thanksgiving celebrated in October. I wish I would have made my pie crusts from scratch…there’s just something about them that tastes so much better. I celebrated away from home in Chicago this year. I cooked the meal, and was limited in what I could use because I was in a bachelor’s kitchen.


    • It’s so interesting celebrating Canadian thanksgiving, but it’s also special. I loved being able to participate in another country’s traditions and culture. I’m glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving! 🙂


  5. We had our Canadian Thanksgiving in October and we only do it with just us and our kids. They are still little and dont have much family around, which is fine with me. It gets to be too much I think when so many are around! I would love to make some pies from scratch for our next holiday!


    • I loved celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving last year, I felt so special to be able to partake in another country’s traditions! I hope you get to bake some pies from scratch on your next holiday, it was so much fun!


  6. I actually enjoy having a small Thanksgiving celebration at home with just my hubby, kids and me. While I do enjoy seeing extended family at their houses, I do need some one-on-one with my closest loved ones. I just need to learn how to make pies!


    • I totally feel you on that one, Tami. We haven’t had a full-blown, packed house on Thanksgiving in years. The quiet is nice, but sometimes I do miss the craziness of having ALL the family together.


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