Blue Christmas

This year’s Christmas was full of love and I was so lucky to be surrounded by family and people who love me. However, that doesn’t mean the holidays weren’t hard on me, because they were.

I think it’s tough on anyone who just got out of a relationship to celebrate the holidays because of all the memories associated with them. Also, ’tis the season to be jolly, right? Well, I’m sure we can all agree it’s hard to be jolly when everything is so different.

This year, I didn’t have a sappy caption under an adorable photo. I didn’t kiss anyone in front of the tree. I didn’t buy gifts for my “future in-laws.”

This year, I’m alone. But it’s okay.

Sure, I still find myself fighting back tears when all the memories start to weigh on my heart and the loneliness seeps in like a blinding fog.

But with each day, it’s getting easier, and I know it will only continue to get easier as time goes on and I become stronger and happier.

The holidays were exceptionally hard for me this year. And now, I finally understand why there are so many people who dread this time of year.

And if you’re one of them, I truly hope you find comfort in the coming New Year – a time to start fresh, push the past year aside, and move toward your future.

Now that I’ve got that off my heart, here are some photos from my Christmas this year.

I was lucky enough to spend it with my family and loved ones. We cooked, baked, laughed and shared memories. It was a wonderful day, that I’ll miss next year when I’m somewhere new.

Here’s what my Christmas looked like.

How did you celebrate this year? ❤️

6 responses to “Blue Christmas”

  1. Your pictures were gorgeous and the sentiment was beautiful. As another single I understand how difficult the holidays can be and how people can be oblivious to the underlying pain. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Being empty nesters and having children who live far away can be difficult during the holidays. We counter this with have those who have no one to share our holidays or serve hot meals to those who would otherwise have nothing.

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  3. these are beautiful photos and a good reminder of how hard this time of year can be for some. Inspiriting to reach out and be extra kind to those who could use it!

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  4. I understand how hard it can be sometimes. Your photos are gorgeous and your christmas sounds lovely. It is always good to have family and loved ones to spend it with! I spent christmas in germany in my partner’s family

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