It’s here. A brand new year. A fresh page. Clean sheets. New eyes. Open book. Empty road. Endless possibilities.

2017… Never before have I been so moved by a year. There was good, bad, blessings and a whole lot of questioning, “Am I doing the right thing?” It was love and loss all wrapped into one. It was discovery, turmoil and awakening. It was a year I’ll never forget, because it was a year that shaped me, yanked me, nurtured me, changed me and ripped me apart all at once.

But 2018? 2018 is the year that puts me back together. 2018 will be my rebirth. And I’m ready, oh so ready.

Things that will be mine this year:

Before I get into my personal goals, I’m going to preface this: What do the words, “want” and “hope” mean to you? For me, they’re empty. They don’t tell me anything. You can “want” all you want, but as long as you don’t DO something, you’ll never achieve anything. When I hear people talking about their New Year Resolutions, all I hear is “I want to do X” or “I hope to achieve Y” or “I want to quit Z.”

How about we rephrase our goals a bit? What if instead of:

I want to eat healthier this year.

We say:

I WILL eat healthier this year.

Doesn’t that just sound 10 times better?

Food for thought. Okay, now here are some things that will be mine this year.

Happiness & Strength

This past year was extremely rough on my overall happiness and personal strength (emotionally, mentally and physically). I endured so much during that time, and it has been a long drawn out process getting back to ME again. But I’m determined!

I’m determined to find happiness in the little things, in every day life, in myself. I’m determined to not seek happiness in anyone or anything else – because I know it all starts within ME.

Vibrant Health

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I used to be really sick. But over the last two years or so, I haven’t been! In this new year, I am going to kick my health up a notch. Say goodbye to sugar (for the most part, let’s be real), cut down on unhealthy foods, and figure out a workout that works for me.

But that isn’t all. I need my body to make me proud. I don’t want to do this to “look good,” I just want to feel good. (Of course, looking good is great too! So I’ll take it 😉)

My First Book (!!!)

About a month ago, I started writing my first book! I’ve had ideas floating around my head for years, but I finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). I am determined to finish it this year to get it ready for publishing in the next year!

New Surroundings

Late last year, I relocated back from Canada to Hawaii. This is a temporary, “long vacation,” if you will. I’ll be moving again in June, but the exciting part is, I haven’t decided where I’ll be going yet! I just know the new year will bring new surroundings, new adventures and yet another brand new start.

A Better Blog/Brand

This year will be the year that I officially up my blog and brand. This will be the year I turn a profit from this blog, make it a secondary income (or main income? Wishful thinking…), and increase brand sponsorships/collaborations.

Another huge thing that will be happening this year, is my freelance consultations! If you take a look at my work page, I’ve listed some services that I will offer come the new year! I’ve been working in this industry for 5+ years and I’m proud to say I’m pretty good at it (semi-professional, if you ask me). SO! All that to say, I will be offering services in the new year and I’m so thrilled!

Lastly… Thank you.

I want to wrap this up by saying thank you. If you’ve been with me since I started back in my college dorm room, or if you joined me while I was in China, or when I moved to DC, or if this is the first blog you’re reading, THANK YOU. 

These last few months has been the hardest time of my life, and sharing my thoughts here on this blog and reading your comments serves as an escape.

I’ve gotten lots of warm messages from readers over the years, and it warms my heart to know that my words mean something to you. That I can inspire you, or uplift you, or bring you some sort of comfort, advice or entertainment, means the world to me.

Writing is all I know, and the fact that you are here reading this right now brings me so much joy.

I’m so grateful for this space and I’m so grateful for this teeny tiny community of incredible, beautiful people. Here’s to another year together!

What are you going to achieve this year? Tell me, I’d love to know! 💛

60 responses to “2018”

    • I also need to be easier on myself this year, this past year was so hard that I need some good old healing! Thank you for sticking around and reading for so long! I really appreciate your comments and support! Happy New Year!


  1. I think it is amazing that you have started your first book and I am sure that you will be able to get it published by the end of the year. Also sorry to hear about your health issues but I am glad you are starting to feel better and I hope that 2018 will be an amazing year for you!

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  2. I want to sure up my foundations this year. I want to get back to the basics and work my goals. I’m taking solid action on my dreams instead of waiting for someone else to make them happen for me.

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  3. I already know you are going to slay this year. I can tell by the way you have written this post. I love the way you reframed the things you want into actionable items, giving yourself a goal and a way to hold yourself accountable. Wishing you the best of luck this year, and can’t wait to follow along!

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  4. I love the intention behind your words Jasmine. Will is so much better than want. All of the very best for 2018 and when 2019 comes around I WILL be reading your book

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  5. Happy 2018! Good luck to you! I think it is amazing that you have started your first book and I am sure that you will be able to get it published by the end of the year.

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  6. Jasmine, I love the way you share your heart. It’s interesting that you called 2018 your year of rebirth. My husband just told me that 2018 is a reset. We will do new things and expect greater blessings. Much success to you in the new year and beyond!

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  7. Starting to write a book is such a great thing in itself! good luck with completion! that be so cool! happy new year! i am sure you’ll smash all your goals!

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  8. I am so glad you have been much better for the past two years, I am sure your positive outlook only helps you achieve your things, You are right that chosen words such as ‘will’ are much better than want or hope! Goodluck in all your goals!

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  9. This is so amazing that you are writing your first book, Good Luck with that. I am looking forward to knowing more about it. You have great goals for the new year, hope you accomplish them.

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  10. This post is seriously perfection! Sounds like you had a full 2017 and wonderful plans for 2018. Happy new year, I hope your 2018 is full of great experiences!

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