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Boating Day & Whale Watching in Maui!

After finding out the Hawaii Missile Threat was a false alarm, we decided to make the most of the day by taking the boat out and enjoying sunshine, whale watching and good music – all things we’d miss had the missile threat been real.

Here are my favorite photos from that day! ☀️

maui boat

maui whale watch

maui boat

boating, maui

maui boat

maui boat, maui ocean

maui boat, maui snorkeling

boating, yacht

maui whale watch

It was a beautiful, beautiful day in paradise. I laughed, smiled, sang, and truly soaked in how beautiful my home is. I was present. I felt the wind in my face. I tasted the salt air on my tongue. I watched my freckles come out of hiding.

This was one of my most favorite days in a long, long time.




    • Jasmine Eclipse says

      Thank you! And San Diego is gorgeous! I lived kind of close to there (Long Beach area) growing up!

  1. Jasmine, the last two years, me and my hubby spent first week of dec. in maui…it’s just heaven
    love “visiting” through your photos and writing!

  2. I have never been to Hawaii, but it is definitely one of my destinations I need to go in the near future. The weather is really beautiful there. Thanks for the great picture and post.

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