Driving through the Arizona desert

I recently drove through the Arizona desert, and I fell in love. I’ve been dreaming of deserts, cacti, quirky roadside attractions and friendly in-the-middle-of-nowhere gas stations – and this trip was everything I wanted and more.

There’s just something about driving through the desert. It feels warm even though it’s the dead of winter. It feel familiar even though I’ve never been here. There’s something about it, and I don’t think I’ll ever get enough.

Here are my favorite photos from my trek through the Arizona desert. I left a piece of my soul there, and I can’t wait to go back.

Have you ever been to a place and felt like you’ve been there before? Or felt like if you were stranded there, you’d be able to make it “home” quickly? If you ever drive Route 66, stop in this town (and specifically, this diner). I don’t remember the name, but I do remember the waiter, the good food, the comfy atmosphere, the streets lined with lights, light dusting of snow that made the town look frosty (not overtly cold), and the strikingly out of place familiarity.

I visited the Grand Canyon when I was a baby, but I don’t remember it – I only have photos. When I visited on this trip, I cried. It was the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen. Our world is so beautiful. When I visit places like this, it always seems so silly to get so overworked and overwhelmed over little mundane  things when magnificent places like this exist. Sure, the world can be scary, and wars happen, and terror seems to be everywhere. But beauty and life also exists – and in my experience, love and beauty trumps all. Go out and explore your world, we’re so lucky to be on this planet.

Have you ever been to Arizona, the Grand Canyon or an amazing diner in the middle of nowhere? I can’t wait to go back and explore some more!

27 responses to “Driving through the Arizona desert”

    • Oh gosh, OF COURSE it was warm as soon as I left! I remember one morning while I was in Prescott, it was 18 degrees!

      But really, I’m envious of you and your desert. It was absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to come back!


    • I definitely think I’ll end up living in a desert too! All the shades of brown, dryness and sand might not be for everyone, but I LOVE it.


  1. Love the pictures!
    I’ve been to Grand Canyon before and it’s AMAZING.
    I really like your blog too. Definitely following!
    ~Equus from Your Horse Your Pony


  2. These are such beautiful photos! I get what you say about getting overwhelmed with the world. I get teary around these places solely because I cannot believe they can be in the same world as the unnatural cities we live in.


  3. Yes to all three! I’ve been to Arizona, Grand Canyon, and a small diner in the middle of nowhere, and I love your post. You are so right about driving through the desert. I’m not sure exactly what I love about it, etiher, but at least part of it is the feeling of freedom I get when I can’t see the end of the road anywere in sight. It just keeps stretching out ahead of you. It’s been too long since I’ve been out west. I think I need to take a road trip soon!


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