Life Lately: Two more months left in Hawaii!

Life has been pretty busy and fast-paced lately, but it’s good. So, so good.

If you read my last post, I’ve been here in Hawaii for 6 months now, which I still can’t grasp. Time FLIES. And it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

Here’s what life has been looking like lately.

I had the flu and it rained for about two solid weeks, so I was cooped up inside for a while. The last few days have been gorgeous, and I finally got out, laid in the sun and remembered just how beautiful this world is.

My work schedule is pretty crazy, so I barely get out and explore Hawaii these days. But since I only have two months left here, I want to prioritize exploring because I know I’m going to miss this island so much once I board that plane.

This past weekend was full of self-care and relaxation, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I started (and finished) Big Little Lies and Santa Clarita Diet, and both series were amazing! I slowed down after a busy week with work, took bubble baths, started a new yoga flow and bought some new books.

Here are some of my favorite books, but do you want me to share the books I’m currently reading? 

Also, since I finished both shows… I need new show/movie recommendations!

I just want to talk about my work for a second. I wake up at 3am because I work east coast hours, I typically work 10 hour days and work often runs into my weekend. I juggle tons of different tasks, I’m always on the phone, in meetings or putting fires out. But I love what I do. I actually find myself going to sleep excited to wake up in the morning to start another day of work, because I’m that passionate about our mission and I love my team. For the first time in my career, I feel like I truly belong somewhere and like I’m needed.

It’s sunflower time on Maui! There is a huge field in the middle of the island dedicated to harvesting sunflower oil for alternative fuel, and the flowers have started blooming again. It’s such a beautiful thing to see. It makes me so happy when I drive by it!

This huge map is taped up on the wall, and every morning when I walk by it I get more and more excited for my grand adventure. The goal is to leave the islands in June, which gives me two months to plan and pack. I will be writing a completely separate post on this adventure, because it’s that huge.

But in the meantime, what are some of your favorite places in America? 🙂

7 responses to “Life Lately: Two more months left in Hawaii!”

  1. I cannot wait to read about your future adventures and see all your beautiful photography. I just finished Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 this last weekend. Actually, truth be told, I watched the entire season on Friday night. The struggle to moderate is real with that one. It really is just a super awesome show and how cute are Drew and Timothy? Anyway! Short note. Your readers will be looking forward to more of your posts. ❤


  2. Hey, Jasmine!
    Consider me your resident binge recommender, haha. If you haven’t seen “The Office” I always recommend it to people who haven’t seen it yet. It’s slow to start but once you get invested in the characters binge watching will fly by like nothing. If you like “Santa Clarita,” Netflix has a slew of great Original content. I love “Queer Eye.” As a fan of the original, I was hesitant to watch but once you meet the fab 5, see the heroes whose lives they change and see how much life coaching they do on the show it’s addicting. Warning: bring tissues, because you will cry with each episode. Nailed It is hilarious because it’s about home bakers who love baking but aren’t the best at it. Nicole Byer is hysterical as the host, and you empathize with the bakers. Oh, and if you’ve never seen Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex Girlfriend, those are great shows to catch up on as well!

    Hope that helps! And glad you were able to schedule some self care. Everyone needs time for a little self TLC.



    • Oh my gosh Steph, there’s so much goodness in here!! I will be adding ALL of these to my watch list ASAP. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times! (Way too excited about all of this haha) 🙂


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