7 Ways I Use Sunday to Rejuvenate for the Week

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more of a stronger love for the weekend. Not because I can veg out on my Netflix shows (which I also do), or take full advantage of cheat days (I also proudly partake in those), but because the weekend is a time for me to do a hard reset after a long week.

Saturdays are usually the day I actually go out and do things – whether it be shopping, seeing friends or family, going for a hike or a swim. Since I work from home, I rarely ever leave the house. So I leave Saturdays for outings.

That leaves Sunday for my day of rest and relaxation and vegging out and just relishing in doing absolutely nothing. Here are seven things I (try to) do every Sunday to set myself up for a great week ahead.

1. Sleep in

I wake up for work at 3:10am every morning, so when I have the chance to sleep in (even if it’s just until 6am) I take it! The weekend is my time to catch up on sleep and I take full advantage of it.

2. Start with yoga, stretches, or meditation

Something I’ve been doing since I came back from my recent trips, is yoga and meditations. I’ve found that they’re really helpful when I start to feel overwhelmed or tense, and they’re easy to do throughout the day!

Here are the apps I love:




Down Dog

3. Make a good breakfast

It’s hard to eat healthily all the time, but I’ve found that even if I just eat ONE healthy meal a day, I feel accomplished and better about myself. So that’s exactly what I do!

I’ve been eating a variation of the same breakfast for the last 3 months and I. Am. Obsessed.

I’ll either eat oatmeal or yogurt (almond or cashew yogurt, because I don’t eat dairy!), but I load it up with all kinds of healthy toppings!

If you want the recipe, it’s here. You’re welcome 😉

4. Soak up the sunshine

Another thing I have to do during the weekend is get outside and soak up all the sunshine I can. I’m indoors all week long, and I live in Hawaii… I mean, c’mon.

Whether it be simply lying outside, going out on the boat, going for a hike, swimming, or even – dare I say it – doing yard work. Whatever it is, I need to get outside during the weekends.

5. My Jesus time

I (try to) open up my bible every day, but honestly sometimes life gets too busy, I’m too exhausted, whatever the excuse is. I don’t always get to it. So I make it a strong point to carve out time on the weekend to do my bible study.

My favorite thing is taking my bible outside and studying in the sunshine – it’s magical.

Would you like me to do a post on bible studies, how I do them, etc.? Let me know!

6. Take a screen break

I work on computers all day, every day. So when it comes time for the weekend, I try to stay off screens as much as I possibly can to give my eyes and brain a break.

Instead, I try to read, play games, cook, clean, get outside. Anything to stimulate my mind without a screen/light. And you should too! It’s not healthy to be staring at a screen all the time (I tell you as you read this on a screen haha, but you get the point)

7. Call it an early night

During the week, I head to bed around 7pm, but on Sunday I make it an even earlier night so that I can fit in a solid night routine. I take a long, hot bath, do a face mask, paint my nails, write.

I make sure to take the time to do things for me, before starting a week that’s dedicated to work and early mornings.

This is my perfect, ideal Sunday. What does yours look like? ☀

7 Ways I Use Sunday to Rejuvenate for the Week

23 thoughts on “7 Ways I Use Sunday to Rejuvenate for the Week

  1. I usually work Sundays but I work early in the morning around three am, and get done at 11 am so my perfect Sunday after work I spend with a good book in the coffee shop and I also write my blog. I Enjoy yours!


  2. Weekend sounds crazy to me, with 8 year old kid what more I can expect! still I love that craziness at least I can live and enjoy my childhood again. I can just wish to have perfect weekend like you but I am out of all options! 😀😀


    1. Jasmine Eclipse says:

      Ahhh I can’t wait for those days! (Although, once I have kids I’ll be wishing for my quiet weekends again lol)


  3. Jasmine, thank you for following my blog recently on my note cards. I am impressed that as a young woman you mentioned that you study your Bible. We don’t hear too much about the younger set and their faith. Blessings to you, Sister in Christ.
    One thing that I do is keep my Bible open and follow chapters like Proverbs by the day. If it is the 10th of April, I read the 10th chapter. This could be done with Psalms or other parts of the Bible. I usually try to do this in the mornings because by the time I fall into the bed, praying my prayers is about all I have energy for. I’m sure you understand. God certainly does. The beauty of loving Him is that He is understanding but wants us to let Him be OUR first LOVE. If you are not familiar with my other blog, Boyer Writes, then here is my address http://www.boyerwrites.com


    1. Jasmine Eclipse says:

      I LOVE that idea! I’m going to try doing that. I’ve read a lot of the Bible, but I haven’t read the entire book of Proverbs front to end yet. Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it!


  4. I love Fridays and Sundays. I dread Saturdays, I tend to work a lot more on Saturdays and ends up exhausted. I’m seriously working on changing that crazy routine, trust me.
    This is lovely. Thanks for sharing. 💕


    1. Jasmine Eclipse says:

      As long as you have your Friday and Sunday as days dedicated to relaxing! Maybe try to do something special for yourself on Saturdays since you work on that day, like make it your cheat day or something! 😊


  5. Love this! I work Monday-Friday. So I always try to make the weekends my “self-care” days. Usually on Saturdays I get into the routine of focusing on my well-being – whether it is to read, clean my room, meditate. And Sundays I’m usually spending time with family.


    1. Jasmine Eclipse says:

      Love it! It’s so important to keep some time for yourself, and I’m happy I’m finally prioritizing that. 😊


  6. You are so gorgeous and full of life. Just inspired me a lot about how I can improve my days better. So, thank you. But may be some Sunday you may do Torah studies, some Sunday you may read Buddha, some Sunday you may read Quran, some Sunday you may read Nietzsche, some Sunday you may read Sartre, some Sunday you may read Vedic books. That will perfect everything you have. Haha. Enjoy.


  7. Over the years, I’ve tweaked my Sunday routine. Still haven’t found the perfect balance … or maybe I found it, but couldn’t maintain it for one reason or another. Have you read Keeping the Sabbath Wholly by Marva J. Dawn? It has some great ideas.


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