What are your daydreams?

One morning, I was staring out the window while eating my breakfast and I let my mind completely run free. Instead of thinking about all the things I had to get done that day, I just let myself daydream, I allowed the “what ifs” that I normally shut up, I welcomed wonder, I bounced from thought to thought and I did it all while watching clouds drift by.

Do you want to know what I thought about? I thought about…

How much I wish our society wasn’t based around working and paying bills.

Moving to Europe to learn how to make cheese, or excel at pottery, or own a flower shop.

My upcoming road trip across America and all the gas station pit-stops, Americana roadside attractions, and new freckles I’ll get.

My future Dalmatian puppy sitting in the front seat of my future Subaru or Volvo station wagon.

The possibility that all of this is just a huge simulation, or that there are “lizard people” running rampant (I’m on a documentary kick right now, okay don’t judge me).

How obsessed I was with dinosaurs when I was younger, and how I would crawl around on my hands and knees and collect egg-shaped rocks (aka dinosaur eggs) and name them all Courtney.

Becoming a mother, it’s all I want! I can’t wait to raise a family, and make them cute lunches for school, and clean up their messes, and teach them to be kind and open-minded above all else.

Sailing the seas and getting caught in a storm. I’m not quite sure why, but I think about this often.

What about you? What do you daydream about? 😊

8 responses to “What are your daydreams?”

  1. Jasmine, This is wonderful! I love this post. Lmao I love day dreaming. I love day dreaming about going to a fancy dinner gala, Jazz music playing, getting to dress up and soak up that fabulous music whilst dancing with someone special. I’m not an “extra” person by any means or live exorbantly but I love daydreaming about spending a night dressing up to the nines, & basically time travel to a by gone era. ❤️💋 Lovely post, J!


  2. It’s a matter of the time of day. Is there life on other planets, will I visit another state or country, what would life be like if I were female instead of male? The list goes on and on.


  3. I constantly daydream about driving this dark blue Bentley.. Wearing classy wayfarers with my well cared for long clash brown dyed hair waving in the wind.. Right hand in the steering.. Left hand on the gear.. Wearing a Breitling watch.. White golf shirt.. Khaki shorts.. Blue loafers.. Plush beige leather seats.. A long .. Clean.. Smooth road with fields on one side and mountains to my left…
    Just… Driving… Nothing else…
    Listening to the wind whizz past as I reach 180.. 200.. 220.. Back to settle at a comfortable cruising speed of 110-120..
    I am pretty sure this kind of scenery can only be somewhere in the Midwest or high up north in the US somewhere but I dunno.. As much as I try to I can never imagine myself driving a left hand driven Bentley haha. I mean this setting is obviously in the Midwest .. How come I am driving a right hand driven car? And that too on the right side of the road.. Lol. There you have it. I thought why not.. Since you’re sharing your daydreams too.. 😉


  4. love this! i daydream about living in Europe and earning a living by working from home and having the freedom of time to do whatever else I like! Thank you for sharing!


  5. Lizards and dinosaurs and Dalmatians…oh my! What a fun post. I highly recommend motherhood, and, btw, my daughter adored dinosaurs when she was young. Her favorite outfit was a green brachiosaurus t-shirt paired with a pink tu-tu! Hope all your dreams come true!


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