Life Lately: Two more weeks left in Hawaii

The title of this post makes me cringe. If you read my last life update, I had two MONTHS left in Hawaii. Time is really escaping me! It’s hilarious too, because I had this entire elaborate plan of posts to write, but I have no time to write them. I’ve been so, so busy lately. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Packing, packing, and more packing. The last few weeks have been full of running to Home Depot to buy more boxes, paper cuts, lots of dust and heavy lifting, garage sales, and rediscovering old photos, trinkets and memories. The movers came and took everything, and next week all the furniture will be gone. I purchased my one-way plane ticket. Now it’s REAL! Any guesses where my destination will be? 👀

I started writing again! (Not on this typewriter, because inefficient and I gave it away to a kid at the garage sale, but you get the point). I finally started writing my book way, way back in January (oh, God), but it got put on pause because of travel and starting a new job.

In the shower the other day, where most of my life-changing thoughts happen, I wrote an entire scene in my head. I hopped out of the shower and brought it to life on my computer. Slowly but surely, it’s coming along and it feels great!

Any other writers out there? Please tell me I’m not alone with my shower thinking! 🙄

In between everything else, I’ve been trying to find time each day to slow down, let my brain turn to mush and watch a show (I’m really into Parks & Rec and Twin Peaks right now!), read a book (currently reading The Child by Fiona Barton!), or go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Mother’s Day was beautiful. I felt so lucky to spend it with my mom for the first time in 3 years! (I can’t believe I was away that long… sorry mom!) We took her out to brunch at restaurant that overlooks the entire island, and I think she felt really special, which was the point ❤

Since it was Mother’s Day, I also spent some time walking down memory lane and found these photos. This was the last photo I took with my stepmother before she lost her battle to cancer. She was a very special person to me, and I feel grateful for the 10 years she was in my life. And this little angel was her therapy pup, his name is Chemo! 😊

The weather here has been pretty strange, and I can’t help but think it’s because the island doesn’t want me to leave (I sound like LOST. Remember that show?!) In all seriousness, the Hawaiian culture is very in tune with nature and spirituality – so it’s hard not to think this way. When I was vacationing here back in August/September last year, we went up to the summit of the mountain to watch the sunrise the day before we left to go back to Canada. And it poured, we were covered in clouds, and we didn’t have a sunrise. Never in the 20 years that I’ve lived here, has that ever happened. I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t leave. Now that I’m about to leave for good this time, it’s been cloudy, gloomy, rainy for months. Call me crazy…

Although it’s been pretty stormy and gloomy lately, sometimes the sun peeks through the clouds and lights up the sky with orange and yellow hues. And that’s like life, really. It can be bleak, dismal and dark. Sometimes it feels as though you’re under constant cloud-cover. But then there are moments when the entire world explodes with color, the clouds open up, the air stills, the birds sing in unison, and all feels right.

Amidst all the craziness that IS life, I live for moments like these. I hope you find some beauty and some calm this week.



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14 responses to “Life Lately: Two more weeks left in Hawaii”

    • Right?! Kicking myself that I got rid of it, but it was just way too heavy to ship! I’m sure I’ll find another great one at a yard sale (just like I did with this one!) 😊


  1. I can’t say I am a fantastic writer, but I do write and most of my ideas hit me first thing in the morning. That being said they also come to me in the shower, driving to work and while I’m meditating. I always have a journal with me. I jot things down.

    So…where you moving to?


    • The best piece of advice about writing that’s stuck with me is: “If you write, you’re a writer” Doesn’t matter if you’re “good” or “successful.” If you do something, and love something, that’s what you are – and I love that.

      I have no idea where I’m moving yet! First stop will be the east coast, and then I’ll be road tripping until I fall in love with a place 😊


  2. You are most definitely not alone in the shower thing. Driving to work, when I wake up in the morning and, as much a I hate to admit it, in corpse pose at the end of a hard yoga practice are all places where I could be playing out a scene in my head!
    🤷🏻‍♀️ Whatever works! Right?


    • Oh my gosh, I get all my thoughts when I shouldn’t be thinking at all! Yoga is so hard for me in that way, haha!


  3. Definitely not alone! I always seem to get my best ideas when I’m somewhere I simply can’t record them.
    You have some beautiful photos here of Hawaii – it’s a place I’d love to visit someday. And Chemo looks angelic – a very special pup!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and follow me and the storyhounds. 🙂


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