Ultimate Social Media Resource | Build a community, increase traffic and gain followers

Hey! If you’re interested in this, check out my Ultimate Blogging Resource for my tips with staying organized, building strong content and earning money online 😊

enhance your social media and start earning money online

If you’re like me, you probably spend tons of time online, scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You’ve also probably seen all types of sponsored posts, Instagrammers with #ad in their captions, and YouTube videos that seem more like commercials than anything else.

But have you also wondered how people make a living off their social media channels? How people can somehow build communities and get their content out into the world without having to put out tons of money for advertising? Because I have!

I’m envious of those who can turn their platforms into money-generating machines, however it isn’t as impossible as it may seem.

Here’s everything you need to get a head-start in building your very own active Internet community and turn a real profit from your social media posts.

*Quick Disclaimer: I’m not going to tell you to track your analytics and know your target audience and times/days to post on each social media channel. That’s helpful, but ONLY if you know what to do with that info. These tips are specifically tailored to help you grow and see results fast 👍🏼

First, I’ll give you my top 3 social media tips, then I’ll break it down by platform.

1. Increase your traffic with Pinterest

While we’re being honest, I’ve always viewed Pinterest as a “fun” website more than a money-making, traffic-generating website. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

However, after spending some time in the slammer (aka: Google Analytics), I’ve realized that Pinterest is my leading traffic source! So I’ve been doing more and more to increase my traffic and traction with Pinterest. Here’s what will help you:

Find your niche

If you’re ready to explode your blog traffic by using Pinterest, the first thing you need to do is find your niche. To be successful, you need to know yourself inside and out (this applies to everything in life, FYI! 😊)

This website is amazing, because all you need to do is type in some keywords that describe you, your blog, your posts, etc., and it finds Pinterest Groups that you can join to promote your blog posts/pins!

Check it out here.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest Group Boards that have really helped my content sky-rocket, reach a lot of people, grow my community and earn money! ⚡

Bloggers Post It Board

Top Blogs Pinterest Viral Board

Post Your Blog

Biz and Blogging Group Board

Turbo Blogging and Business Group Board

Best of the Best Blog Posts

Best Blog Posts Group

Blogging Buddies

Share Your Blog with the World

2. Build a community with Facebook Groups

Another great way to build your community, increase your engagement (comments, likes, reposts), and create a solid foundation is through Facebook Groups! I started getting really involved with Facebook Groups almost 3 years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite tools!

Each Facebook blogging group has different goals and rules, but if used properly, they can be super useful! Here are a few of my favorite Facebook Groups for blogging:

Awesome Bloggers

Social Media Network Group

Growing Social Media for Bloggers

Show Your Blog Love

Instagram Fabulous

Pinterest Ninjas

Fabulous Bloggers

ultimate guide to blogging

3. Hashtags by category

To increase your Instagram engagement, followers and reach, using hashtags is a must! I keep a library of hashtag sets in my iPhone notes app, and to keep them “invisible” under my Instagram photo, I format them all with bullets which you’ll see in my examples below. Feel free to steal those and save them to your notes app to use! 👍🏼


#igpodium_portraits #pursuitofportraits #igshotz #instagoodmyphoto #TheBest_Capture
#photooftheday #picoftheday #photodaily #justgoshoot #vsco #vscocam #bestofvsco #igmasters #friendsinmyfeed #postthepeople #keepitwild #welivetoexplore #thousandwords #photographysouls #pursuitofportraits #makeportraits


#theworldshotz #worldtravelbook #beautifuldestinations #streets_oftheworld #ig_street
#naturephotoportal #earthgallery #discoverearth #wonderful_places #theglobewanderer
#discoverglobe #earthfocus #cityscape #travelblogging #dametraveler #traveldiaries #instatravel #travelblogger #travelblog #travelgram #travelphoto #neverstopexploring #passionpassport #darlingescapes #stayandwander


#thedailybite #foodporn #foodilysm #foodblogger #instafood #nomnom #foodies #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodlovers #foodstyling #vscocook #vscofood #glutenfree #onthetable #frommytable #foodstyling #tastingtable


#designinspo #designporn #designlovers #designblogger #designoftheday #prettythings #designyourmind #fineart #designinspiration #graphicdesigncentral #graphicdesign #designbyme #designyourlife #homestyling #homedecor #instainteriors #designlife


#writersofinstagram #writingprompt #instapoetry #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersblock #writerlife #writtenword #instawriters #spilledink #wordgasm #creativewriting #poetsofinstagram #blackoutpoetry #poetsofig #amwriting


*I use these “generic” hashtags when I have a photo that doesn’t quite fit the other catagories

#theblogissue #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #darlingweekend #thehappynow #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #livecolorfully #mybeautifulmess #vsco #flashesofdelight #abmtravelbug #abmlifeissweet #thehappynow #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #livecolorfully #lifeincolor #photosinbetween #posttheordinary #momentsofmine #wanderfolk #lovefromfp #uoaroundyou #welllived #dametraveler #femmetravel #sheisnotlost #stellaspoils

Pinterest for your blog

  1. Get a Pinterest Business account to be able to utilize the analytics, rich pins, and advertising features
  2. Create beautiful pins with great design and crisp photos. I use Canva to create my blog and social media graphics, including my pins!
  3. Organize your pins by category AND update your board cover photos. Either design your own custom covers or just choose the most aesthetically-pleasing photos (that’s what I did!)

Instagram for your blog

  1. Create a theme and stick to it (for a little while, until you grow tired of it at least!). I’ve been editing my photos with the same colors and I love it!
  2. Be consistent in your photo styles and try to incorporate variety between photos of yourself, your outfits, landscapes, nature, etc. (I don’t know about you, but when I see a profile full of only selfies, it’s a bit much! Give your audience some variety)
  3. Your caption is a valuable place to interact with your audience AND reach a wider audience. Get personal, ask questions, and use the hashtags I included above!
  4. Beat the algorithm – It’s ever-changing, but I’ve found that if you respond to comments on your photos within a few minutes, more people will see your photos because Instagram views you as more “active”
  5. Post to your story actively – Using your stories as a “behind the scenes” view is important to letting your audience in on your life. Plus, the more you post to your story, the more your photos will show up in your followers’ feeds!

Facebook for your blog

  1. Fully set up your account – Even if you’re not a huge Facebook fan, having one is essential for strong SEO. Google LOVES and favors sites that have strong Google+ and Facebook accounts.
  2. Use the Groups feature! Join groups and engage, engage, engage. Hell, you could even make your own group for your blog.
  3. Try out Facebook Ads – If you’re launching an e-course or new products or have a really strong blog that you want to promote, try out Facebook Ads to push traffic to your site (it can’t HURT)

Twitter for your blog

  1. Promote yourself. Twitter is one of the greatest promotion tools for your blog, because it’s a house of content! Use Twitter to push your content, use the right hashtags, mention the right people, and always include a photo.
  2. Build and organize Twitter Lists, that way you’re always engaging with your audience.
  3. Use their in-house analytics feature to find out who follows you, where your content reaches, and what type of content performs the best.

Bloglovin for your blog

  1. Claim your blog, if you haven’t already! This is a great platform that helps your readers see all your posts in one place, so they never miss a thing!
  2. Add a Bloglovin button to your website so your followers can easily subscribe to you.

What are some of your tips for using social media? I’d love to hear them! 😊

Ultimate Social Media Resource | Build a community, increase traffic and gain followers

12 thoughts on “Ultimate Social Media Resource | Build a community, increase traffic and gain followers

  1. This is so helpful! I want to use Pinterest to promote my blog, but I’m not really sure if it would work out for my niche. I’ll still give it a try though. Thank you for the information.


  2. LP says:

    This is an incredibly detailed & helpful blog post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all these tips and resources. ☺️

    I am definitely going to try some of your suggestions!!!!


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