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Arkansas | Downtown Hot Springs & enjoying the quiet beauty

When I was thinking about dream destinations and places I’ve always wanted to visit, Arkansas never made it on the list – it just never seemed like a place I wanted to go. “What’s in Arkansas, anyway?!” Boy, was I wrong. While I was only there for a day or two (they’re all blending together), I was filled to the brim with history, culture and endless beauty.

arkansas sign

downtown hot springsI stayed in Hot Springs, which is nestled in a valley. Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans and travelers settled here for the area’s natural spring water, which was thought to be healing. All throughout the area, there are natural hot springs and bath houses, it’s pretty neat!

downtown hot springs

downtown hot springs


downtown hot springsI was just excited to be in a small city for a while, I feel like I’ve been in the woods for a long time! Seeing concrete again was nice for a change (as strange as that may sound ๐Ÿ˜‚)

downtown hot springs

hot springs bath

downtown hot springsThe whole city had an older feel, which I loved.

arkansas camp


airstream camp

arkansas sunsetEndless beauty. Even as the sun went down, more colors came out, it was quiet, it was so peaceful. Arkansas, I only saw a piece of you, but I love you already! I will definitely have to come back for Little Rock.

Have you ever been to Arkansas? What are some things I need to come back for? ๐Ÿ˜Š

guide to arkansas



  1. I LOVED this post and the pictures!! Arkansas always seemed interesting to me and now it’s definitely on my bucket list to go to! โค Thanks for sharing!

    • Jasmine Eclipse says

      Thank you so much, Jirah!! I’m happy you got some inspiration from this post!

  2. I’m from Arkansas and am glad you enjoyed your stop. For your next visit there is so much to choose. We have lakes where you can swim or ski. We have a Civil War battlefield. We have a Japanese internment camp. We have an awesome art museum in Bentonville that has special exhibits in addition to the daily galleries. There is even a train museum that I wrote a blog about earlier this year. If you want to hike we have waterfall trails and mountain hikes. We also have rivers for canoeing and kayaking. Take your pick.

    • Jasmine Eclipse says

      Thank you Michelle! I’ll definitely keep those in mind for the next time I roll on through your state again!

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