Oklahoma | Pioneer Woman Mercantile & surviving a real southern storm

pioneer woman mercantile

I’ve been wanting to go to Pawhuska, Oklahoma ever since I started watching The Pioneer Woman. Fun fact: it was always her show that I’d watch when I felt low and needed a feeling of comfort. I also love recreating her recipes, which you can check out here. I was only in Oklahoma for a day and a half, but I toured the Mercantile, ate really great food and got caught in a storm. All in all, Oklahoma treated me well 👍🏼

oklahoma road sign oklahoma

Crossing the border into Oklahoma felt surreal, not because it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, but because I never thought I’d ever go there. So far on this adventure, visiting places I’ve never been to has been an incredible feeling and I hope everyone gets to do something like this.

oklahoma camping oklahoma camping oklahoma camping oklahoma camping

What do you think of when you think of Oklahoma? For me, I always thought of open plains, golden crops, and lots of brown. When I saw forests, rivers and hills, I was. blown. away.

pioneer woman mercantile pioneer woman mercantile pioneer woman mercantile pioneer woman mercantile pioneer woman mercantile pioneer woman mercantile pioneer woman mercantile

This Cowboy Coffee was AMAZING. Eating at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile was a check off my bucket list! I love watching her show, and to actually visit her restaurant and shop was the BEST.

pioneer woman mercantile pioneer woman mercantile

Seriously, how perfect is this redhead cowgirl?! I regret not buying this…

oklahoma storm oklahoma sunset

Driving through Oklahoma was dangerous. All of a sudden, the sky turned black and it started pouring, hailing, and a tornado warning was in effect. (These photos were at 3pm!)

Then, almost in a matter of minutes the skies opened back up, the wind stopped howling, and the clouds painted themselves bright shades of orange, pink and violet.

Driving through that storm, I wanted SO badly to turn around and go back to where it wasn’t storming, I was scared and wanted to run away from the unknown, but I knew that storms move, and this one was certainly moving quickly. So if I just kept going, I’d soon be on the other side. This was a gentle reminder that just like in life, we’ll be faced with challenges, scary moments, and the unknown, but if we run away from these problems we’ll just be met with them again. Whereas, if we keep moving forward and work through them, we’ll be met with brighter days.

I hope you’re doing well, and if you’re currently in the midst of a storm, keep moving forward. Brighter days are ahead! ❤

19 responses to “Oklahoma | Pioneer Woman Mercantile & surviving a real southern storm”

  1. This entry made me so happy! I love PW too and I WILL make it to the merc someday. Loving all your photos and postings.


    • Thank you so much Desiree! I’m so happy you loved this post, and I hope you’ll make it to the Mercantile soon!! It was AWESOME ⚡️


  2. Your photographs are beautiful and I really liked this post! I love the Pioneer Woman too, my Nana and I always sit down on a Friday afternoon and watch her show and her recipes are amazing, although I have never actually tried any out myself so I may have to soon!


  3. You’ve got to be the only person I’ve ever encountered who actively WANTED to visit Oklahoma! Most people either blow us off or snub their nose at our state for whatever ridiculous (and sometimes not-so-ridiculous-after-all) reasons they have.

    Don’t worry about expecting plains and grassland, though 😉 You’re not the only one; pretty much everyone NOT from Oklahoma expects that- and I’ve even had one person claim we were a desert state, of all things. But the reality is we’re the most ecologically diverse state in the US… Something I really hope more people get to experience the beauty of!


    • If you ever get the chance to come back, come visit the Pioneer Woman statue in Ponca City. It’s probably not as interesting as the Pawhuska Mercantile, but it’s still pretty none-the-less!


    • Oh my gosh that’s so funny! It’s always been on my list of places to see! I loved it and can’t wait to come back, there’s so much to see!


  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed our state. Summer storms can be tricky her in OK, I like them better than our Spring storms those tend to have an attitude 😀 . I’m from the Northeastern side of OK, we have many lakes and rivers and the scenery is gorgeous If you get the chance to come back our way five is a visit, you won’t be sorry. Cheryl


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