Life Lately: One month living on the road

Remember when I first announced I was leaving my island home in Hawaii?

Remember when I said my plan was to road trip across America?

Well, it’s officially been one month since I’ve been living on the road, without a “home” and going somewhere new every day. I’ve been posting little travel diaries of each place I’ve visited so far, but here’s how life has been in general 👍🏼

I’ve been writing every day

Since I’ve been on the road, I’ve had lots and lots of time to think, think, think. This has been great, but I’ll admit it gets overwhelming at times. I went through a spell where all I thought about was my previous relationship, the ending, the goods, the bad, the pain and all the joy. This is imperative for growth and healing, but boy, is it tough to work through all those feelings.

During times like these, I reach for my phone, scrap paper, notebook or computer and proceed to word vomit. I dump it all on paper, and oftentimes, it doesn’t even make sense, but it makes me feel lighter, happier, freer.

I love writing for myself. No one ever sees the words I write in my notebooks, but I like it that way for now. Maybe one day, I’ll make sense of these words and compile them into a book that’ll be on a shelf. But for now, I’m enjoying keeping these words to myself.

Speaking of books on a shelf… I need to get back to writing mine! I finally started writing my book months ago, but stopped when life got busy (likely story). But since I have all this free time, I want to take advantage of that and get this book done. My goal was to have it finished by the beginning of next year, so fingers crossed! Maybe I should follow my own tips… 😂

I’ve been studying the Bible

For about two years now, I’ve been steadily reading the Bible every day, doing bible studies and I’ve been really involved with the church. Right now since I’m on the road, being a part of a church is near impossible, so I’m relying heavily on my own Bible study time.

In this current season of life, I’ve been finding so much truth and conviction in the devotionals and scriptures I’ve been reading.

If you’re interested in a post about the studies I’m doing, let me know! ❤

Until then, check out How to Study the Bible On Your Own and my other posts on Faith!

I’ve been healthy-ish

Before I left Hawaii, I had a steady routine of eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, but since being on the road, keeping that same routine is hard. But I’ve been trying!

I still have my same oatmeal breakfast (with coconut granola, hemp, chia, flaxseed, almond milk and bananas), but other than that it’s hard to eat healthy during travel when i want to try every single local food there is 😬

If you have any tips on how to be healthy/active while traveling and living on the road, please leave them below!

I’ve been relearning myself

Over the years, I’ve forgotten who I am in someone else, in the standards of who I should be, and I’ve been overshadowed by my own insecurities and struggles.

Since being on this trip, I’m spending time relearning who I am, what I want and what’s important to me.

This is really hard work once you’ve spent so many years with another person, many years away from everything you once knew, and many years trying to live up to the standards of what a young 20-something should be.

But I’m doing it. ⚡

I’ve been in reflection

As I mentioned above, I’ve had lots of quiet time spent thinking, writing and reflecting.

Where do I want to be after this trip? What happens when all this ends? Where do I go? Who will I be? What do I want for my life? What does my future hold?

There are so many questions that lie in the unknown, but I’m thankful that I have an open road in front of me.

What’s next?

Right now, I’m writing this at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. In a few days, I’m heading up to Wyoming for a week and then I’ll make my way to Oregon. After that, I’m not sure – but I’m living for the adventure of it all.

How has your life been lately? How’s the summer treating you? ☀

17 responses to “Life Lately: One month living on the road”

  1. Hey Jasmine. So nice to read a post about how things are going for you. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to traveling solo of late. I reach high and low points on the road. The high points is the every day exploration of the places I am at. Now Vietnam but in a few months Cambodia. Its the walking every day and the photography which sustains me plus not trying to be too plan or goal oriented. I probably have lost weight and feel much better doing the 12000 to 17000 steps each day with no break really.

    The low moment has only come once in 4 months on the road for me. I was reflecting on some family stuff, being gone, etc. Nothing really came of it. I felt rather saddened but headed out for some ice cream at a huge mall here in Ho Chi Minh City. As I sat there, I remembered an event in Hanoi with a man and wife tourist where they argued about just about everything. Where to eat, what to buy, where to go. I hardly ever do that with myself :-). So as I sat there eating ice cream, I realized there is an ebb and flow to things.

    Its too hard to consider that I will not go back again or where I will be in a year from now so I take things at smaller pieces. What I’ll do in a day or so. What direction to walk. Where to have coffee. I sometimes look at google maps for my next destination in Vietnam. I like looking at where the hotel is, where the coffee shops are, restaurants, parks, museums.

    As you are on the road do you find yourself experiencing both highs and lows? I’m interested because the high points are pretty much on a daily basis while the low point was because of some other issues which came rushing in.


    • Hey Michael!

      You and I are very similar. I’ve only been on the road for a month, but have experienced those same highs and lows that you speak of!

      My highs come from constantly moving, exploring each day, having new surroundings, and not having a routine.

      Meanwhile, my lows come from being alone, thinking (and overthinking), ironically not having a routine, and missing the stability that comes with a job, friendships, etc.

      It’s interesting that you mentioned observing a couple arguing about everything, that’s something I think of often. Yes, it would be great to have a significant other to share this with, but the absence of arguments is something I enjoy!


    • Hi. I’ll tell you bravery has naught to do with it. I’m not terribly brave. I did make a decision almost 10 years ago though after a divorce that was painful that I would leave. I did not know when or how. You can do it! Ever see the movie What About Bob? It’s all baby steps 🐾


  2. Thank you for sharing! I enjoy following your journey – I drove back and forth across the country several years ago and stopped in some of the same places you have. Road trips are such an incredible way to experience new things but also spend time in reflection. Sounds like you are nourishing your soul. And you are a lovely writer; I hope you are able to get back into your novel and finish it!


    • Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! I keep talking about getting back to my book, so it’ll happen soon! And that’s so awesome that you’ve also road tripped like I am, it’s such a liberating thing, isn’t it? 😊


  3. I can’t believe it’s been a month already, boy does time fly!

    I would love for you to post about the bible studies you’ve been doing I’m currently studying the book of Psalms and I am loving it so far. I love reading your stories, I too own a journal and write on it often there’s nothing like writing with pen and paper. Love that you’re not only finding yourself again but you are connecting to God. I would recommend two podcasts that I love, 1. setapartgirl 2. journeywomen they’re awesome! I would also recommend reading “She’s Still There” by Chrystal Evans Hurst it’s such a great book, I highly recommend it and you can read it along with your bible. Makes for great bible study time. Sending you much love and know that I have you in my prayers. Be safe. xo


    • Time seriously has flown by so fast, it’s unreal!

      I will put a little post together of the studies I am doing, favorites that I’ve completed, etc. And YES, this time has been so great for connecting with myself and my faith, I feel like I’m getting stronger every day.

      Thank you SO much for those book and podcast recommendations! I’m always looking for new books to add to my (never-ending) list! I haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet, but these ones sound great, I just might have to start listening to podcasts haha!

      As always, thank you so much for your comments, love and prayers! I hope you’re well! ❤️


  4. Nice!!!
    What a great opportunity to be on the road. I like to write too! But my notebooks and papers are open (since I was a teen 😬). Anywho, glad you are finding time to read the Bible. By the way, the church is when there are more than 2 together, the church is not the building, so it will be nice if you get to fellowship. If you ever come to AZ, stop by to fellowship 😊


    • Hey Monica! It’s so great to hear from a fellow writer! And I love that you mention that, I often forget that God is with us when two or more gather together – that’s so amazing, isn’t it? I will for sure let you know when I get to Arizona, I’d love to meet up and have a bible study! ❤️


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