Wyoming | Rock Springs & the National Rodeo Competition

rock springs wyoming

I’ve been to Wyoming a few times, mostly when I was really young. So when I went this last time, it was really different and special. I was there for a rodeo competition, which was a whole new world in itself. I also started a new job while I was there. I explored Rock Springs, which is home to most of the dinosaur fossils in the U.S.! Overall, the two weeks spent in Wyoming was relaxing, it was different, and it was new – exactly what this trip is all about. Here are some photos from my trip!

rock springs wyoming sweetwater events, rodeo competition

The more I see mountain ranges like these, the more I fall in love with them. When I was young, my great grandmother had a painting similar to this photo. When I visited her in the summers, I drank my hot cocoa at the dining room table and stared at that painting – wanting to be in it. I think maybe that’s why the desert has such a pull on my heart.

rock springs

Two words: Dream. Car.

rock springs rock springs

Half of me will always long for an apartment with a fire escape. The other half wants a house with a huge yard and tons of animals. I’ll have to find a happy medium.

laundromat rock springs

If this doesn’t make you feel like running off to have tea in Hobbiton, I don’t know what will!

rock springs wyoming rock springs wyoming rock springs wyoming

My stay in Wyoming was hot, dusty, and long. But it was sweet. And I’m happy I was able to visit and experience it in all its warm, July glory.

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