Bible Studies I’m Doing Right Now

I’ve been a strong Christian for a while now, and since I’ve been traveling I’ve been doing bible studies on my own. I’ll occasionally watch a sermon online, but for the most part, my Jesus time consists of me sitting down with my bible for an hour or so each day. Here’s the studies I’m doing right now and favorite ones I’ve completed in the past. Plus, tools and resources to make your study time easier and more beneficial! 🙏🏼

bible study

How I Study the Bible On My Own

I started studying the bible on my own by using my physical bible and an app, and over time I brought in a devotional, other tools, and various online websites. My bible study time is ever-changing, but it works for me right now. Here’s how I make it work!


The biggest thing when it comes to studying the bible, is to carve out a dedicated time and quiet space where you can let yourself be totally comfortable and dive freely into the word. For me, this is 9-10pm, right before I go to sleep. I do my bible study in bed for about an hour before I sleep every night. It’s the perfect way for me to wind down the day, and recenter my thoughts on Jesus.

Bible Studies I’m Doing Right Now


Deeper Into Scripture: Matthew

Deeper Into Scripture: Mark

Life Experiences: Lessons From the Book of Luke

Faith: Fig Tree VS Mountain

The Stories We Tell: 28 Days of Truth-Telling for the Soul

All Time Favorite Bible Studies

James: Faith/Works

Hope in the Dark

God’s Plan for Your Life

Enduring with Job: 7 Days of Hope

Philippians: Choosing Joy

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How to Study the Bible on Your Own

Bible Studies I’m Doing Right Now

6 thoughts on “Bible Studies I’m Doing Right Now

  1. One thing I would like to say….sister can we collab? I have been a strong Christian ever since I can remember, and got baptized at the age of 17! (Now 28) And honestly, my relationship with the Lord is super strong. I am also a Gospel singer so I am very happy I came to your blog. It’s nice to see bloggers who are not ashamed of Jesus Christ and are willing to talk about it in the open. I don’t know if you heard but Tori Kelly came out with a Gospel Album along with Kirk Franklin! Its the best and if you haven’t heard it I would suggest you to hear it! My favorite song on there is “Just As Sure” I feel like you will love it. I would like to see what bible verse that stands out to you the most and why. 🙂 God bless you girl and can’t wait to see more content from you!


    1. Jasmine Eclipse says:

      Hi! It makes me SO happy to hear that your faith and relationship with God is so strong.

      I love Tori Kelly, and I’ll totally check out that song!

      I have so many favorite verses, but one that came to mind is John 15:18, which is:

      “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.”

      Mind. Blowing. He’s so good!! 🙌🏼


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