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Washington | Exploring Downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier

There’s something special about Seattle, and I can’t quite place it. I just love the feel of the city, the gloomy skies, the UFOs everywhere. Seattle is just different—and I like that. My recent trip to Washington was great! I spent my time exploring Downtown Seattle, camping in the woods, and meeting family I’d never met before!

Have you seen the rest of my Great American Road Trip posts? 🌼

washington campground

washington puppy

Have you ever seen a cuter face?! Look at this happy puppy! 😍

RV in seattle

jasmine eclipse

jasmine eclipse

I am one happy camper 🌞

mount rainier

mount rainier road trip

There’s nothing better than being above the tree-line and seeing nothing but green for miles and miles. The Pacific Northwest is so gorgeous.

john muir mount rainier

Fun fact: John Muir is my favorite person in the world. Did you know it’s because of him that we even have National Parks and green, open spaces that are protected? When I was younger, I was so interested in him, his books were all I would read. I even made my dad take me to Muir’s home in California, we did the Muir Trail, and I have all his books (one of them I have in three different versions!) Anyway, I’m a big fan of Mr. Muir. 😂

washington waterfall

chehalis washington

chehalis antiques

chehalis antique market

liberty theatre washington

washington state fair

vintage coke bottles

Visiting this little town in Chehalis was like stepping back in time. Everything was vintage, it was SO amazing! If it weren’t for the gloom and cold winters, I’d totally live there.

seattle public market

seattle pier

kings station seattle

ivars seattle

first starbucks

pikes place florist

pikes place waterfront

pikes place florist

seattle ferris wheel

piroshky piroshky seattle

pikes place fruit stand

pikes place market

pikes place buildings

seattle architecture

This was my second time visiting Seattle and Pike’s, and it was as though nothing had changed from the last time I was there. The only difference was that I changed, which made the city feel even better. Have you ever felt that way visiting a place?

washington skies

washington sunset

washington skies

Oh, these Washington sunsets. The skies were an orange/purple/pink because of the wildfires, but they were so pretty. Beauty in the madness, I guess! 💜

planning a trip to seattle



  1. Desiree S. says

    Great photos! Washington is my favorite place in the entire world. You’re right: there is something magic about it. Your photos are inspiring me to book another weekend in Seattle. Awesome post.


    • Jasmine Eclipse says

      That makes me so happy! I hope you get your weekend getaway in Seattle! 😊


  2. Hi Jasmine,

    I actually spent a year living and volunteering in Seattle, and made my way to Mt. Rainier and the Cascades. Seattle is a fantastic city, and I’d like to go back there one of these days (preferably in August or September). But the winters – I just can’t handle them. The nine months or rain and gloom is the only reason I don’t thing I could ever live in Seattle.


    • Jasmine Eclipse says

      Thank you so much! I take all my photos on my phone, and edit them with VSCO!


    • Jasmine Eclipse says

      I loved visiting! I want to take a longer trip next time, there’s so much to see! 😊


  3. jasonlikestotravel says

    Wonderful photos, definitely one of my favourite places in the US 🙂


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