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Ultimate Blogging Resource | Stay Organized, Gain Followers & Make Money Online

I’m going to take some guesses here: You love blogging, love the community, love taking photos, writing, and being a part of something awesome. But you also want to amp up your blogging game, you’re finding it hard to stay organized, balance your work and blog life (I know, it’s tough), you want to gain followers, work with brands, get free stuff, and make money.

Right? Right.

Well, listen. I’ve been blogging for a little over 6 years and only in the last few months (February-May) have I started really taking it seriously. I switched domains, applied what I know about marketing and SEO to my blog, searched high and low for the best affiliate programs and influencer management companies – and I’m really proud to be able to say that I paid my student loan bills last month just from money I earned from my blog and socials!

How did I do it? Well, I did it by following all the tips I’ll list here. (I will also be creating an Ultimate Social Media Resource, so keep an eye out for that too!) 😊

1. Set yourself up with the right blog hosting

Like many new bloggers, when I created my first blog I used a address. It wasn’t professional, it didn’t look pretty, wasn’t fun to say, etc. But I was a broke college student and I was only doing it for fun, so it worked for me.

The most important thing you can do is get yourself set up with the right blog platform and hosting. You’ve probably heard tons and tons of different things, and if you’re anything like me, it’s all super confusing and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be.

Right now, I’m using a WordPress Business plan. If you are using WordPress and aren’t ready for a fully self-hosted site, I highly recommend the Business plan because it allows you to do things you can’t do on the other plans. Some things that compelled me to upgrade were:

  • SEO Tools
  • Google Analytics integration (super important to be found online!)
  • Plugins, plugins, plugins
  • Ability to remove WordPress branding
  • Unlimited storage space

While WordPress Business is not self-hosted, it’s been doing the job. However, I’m reaching the point where I want to be fully self-hosted. It’s more professional, convenient and offers many more opportunities from a business standpoint. All that to say, I am in the process of transitioning to a self-hosted site by using WP Engine!

I discovered WP Engine from another blogger, and after checking them out and comparing them to other hosting sites, I decided to go with them! Of course, I had my concerns and I’m one of the most indecisive people on the planet, so I spent upwards of a month digging into their site to make sure I was making the right choice. Here are some concerns I had, and how WP Engine solves them all.

I didn’t want to deal with site migration.

Guess what – with WP Engine, I didn’t have to deal with migrating my site, because they have a plugin that literally does everything for you. (I know, I didn’t believe it either)

I didn’t have the TIME to spend on my site

I’ve transferred over from WordPress to Squarespace and back to WordPress, and I know it takes hours and days of planning and executing. I did not want to go through that again. When I saw that they promise a simple, 30-minute site migration, I was sold!

I didn’t want to pay an outrageous amount of $$$

When I heard: “Self-hosted” it triggered something in my brain that meant: “An arm and a leg.” But that also isn’t true! Right now, I am paying $25/month for the WordPress Business plan, and once I make the full switch over to WP Engine, I’ll be paying $28/month. 

2. Grow an email list

I’ve been working in marketing for over almost 7 years now (don’t do the math on my age please…), and one thing that I’ve learned that really works to attract and keep a steady traffic source is email.

I even know bloggers who ONLY use email as their main marketing tactic, because it’s that effective. For my clients, I have always used InfusionSoft and ConvertKit

If you are strictly a business, I would recommend InfusionSoft. However, if you are a blogger, small business owner, have never used email marketing platforms, or are just starting out, I would highly recommend ConvertKit. Here’s why:

  • It was crafted with creators in mind, making it easy to understand and everything you need is at your fingertips
  • The dashboard helps you use your email list to GROW your business with beautiful forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automations
  • You don’t need a firm grasp of email marketing or marketing automation to be successful with ConvertKit – they make it so, so easy


3. Get organized with the right planner

It doesn’t matter if I have the best online tools, 10 Google calendars, 5 Trello boards – Nothing keeps me organized better than a good, old-fashioned planner. (However, Trello is totally awesome and you should check it out)

I currently have 3 planners: One for my personal life (Lol, what life?), work, and this here blog!

I’ve used tons of different planners, and none stack up against my Day Designer. We’re in a very committed relationship.

What makes the Day Designer planner stand out? Well for me:

  • They have a hard cover and strong wire spiral, so they’ll never ever break (at least, I’ve never ruined one and I take it everywhere!)
  • Each planner includes helpful planning pages like: reality checks, core values, goals and intentions
  • Each day includes space for you to focus on your top 3 tasks for the day, an hourly breakdown of your day, daily gratitude, and even meal planning!

I just can’t say enough good things about this company, go check them out for yourselves!

4. Write content that drives traffic

An important part of being a content creator is creating content, but do you know what happens when you create content that drives traffic?

  • Grow your audience
  • Increase affiliate/ad sales
  • Attract your dream brands/collaborations

There are 10 types of content that readers are absolutely crazy about and I wrote about them here. Happy writing! 😊

5. Monetize your content with these affiliate networks

When I was getting serious about monetizing my blog, the first thing I sought out was affiliate networks and different ad networks that other bloggers were a part of. They seemed to be making money, so why couldn’t I? Here are the networks I am a part of (and LOVE!)

  • ShareASale – This is one of the largest merchants, they have tons of brands, products, campaigns!
  • MediaNet – Forbes, Yahoo, Reuters. This is one of the world’s largest ad networks.
  • Amazon Affiliates – I spend most of my time on Amazon, anyway… why not make money from it? Plus, Amazon makes it so easy

6. How to work with brands

When I was just getting started, finding brand deals was hard work! It almost seemed impossible for me, while other bloggers seemed to have sponsorships coming out of their ears. That’s when I discovered influencer management groups! Here are the ones I’m a part of (ranked):

Was this helpful? What are some of your best tips? And, I would love to see your blogs! Leave your links below. ❤



*This post contains affiliate links, because like I showed you in this post, they work! Now, go get signed up and start making affiliate sales of your own. You can do it  😊

Life Lately: Two more weeks left in Hawaii

The title of this post makes me cringe. If you read my last life update, I had two MONTHS left in Hawaii. Time is really escaping me! It’s hilarious too, because I had this entire elaborate plan of posts to write, but I have no time to write them. I’ve been so, so busy lately. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Packing, packing, and more packing. The last few weeks have been full of running to Home Depot to buy more boxes, paper cuts, lots of dust and heavy lifting, garage sales, and rediscovering old photos, trinkets and memories. The movers came and took everything, and next week all the furniture will be gone. I purchased my one-way plane ticket. Now it’s REAL! Any guesses where my destination will be? 👀

I started writing again! (Not on this typewriter, because inefficient and I gave it away to a kid at the garage sale, but you get the point). I finally started writing my book way, way back in January (oh, God), but it got put on pause because of travel and starting a new job.

In the shower the other day, where most of my life-changing thoughts happen, I wrote an entire scene in my head. I hopped out of the shower and brought it to life on my computer. Slowly but surely, it’s coming along and it feels great!

Any other writers out there? Please tell me I’m not alone with my shower thinking! 🙄

In between everything else, I’ve been trying to find time each day to slow down, let my brain turn to mush and watch a show (I’m really into Parks & Rec and Twin Peaks right now!), read a book (currently reading The Child by Fiona Barton!), or go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Mother’s Day was beautiful. I felt so lucky to spend it with my mom for the first time in 3 years! (I can’t believe I was away that long… sorry mom!) We took her out to brunch at restaurant that overlooks the entire island, and I think she felt really special, which was the point ❤

Since it was Mother’s Day, I also spent some time walking down memory lane and found these photos. This was the last photo I took with my stepmother before she lost her battle to cancer. She was a very special person to me, and I feel grateful for the 10 years she was in my life. And this little angel was her therapy pup, his name is Chemo! 😊

The weather here has been pretty strange, and I can’t help but think it’s because the island doesn’t want me to leave (I sound like LOST. Remember that show?!) In all seriousness, the Hawaiian culture is very in tune with nature and spirituality – so it’s hard not to think this way. When I was vacationing here back in August/September last year, we went up to the summit of the mountain to watch the sunrise the day before we left to go back to Canada. And it poured, we were covered in clouds, and we didn’t have a sunrise. Never in the 20 years that I’ve lived here, has that ever happened. I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t leave. Now that I’m about to leave for good this time, it’s been cloudy, gloomy, rainy for months. Call me crazy…

Although it’s been pretty stormy and gloomy lately, sometimes the sun peeks through the clouds and lights up the sky with orange and yellow hues. And that’s like life, really. It can be bleak, dismal and dark. Sometimes it feels as though you’re under constant cloud-cover. But then there are moments when the entire world explodes with color, the clouds open up, the air stills, the birds sing in unison, and all feels right.

Amidst all the craziness that IS life, I live for moments like these. I hope you find some beauty and some calm this week.



*Some links may be affiliate links because these 4 cups of coffee a day won’t pay for themselves! 

Mother’s Day | 11 Promises My Mother Made to Me Before I Was Born

A few days ago, while going through some old boxes, my mother found this little sheet of paper. Written on it, were promises and goals she set for herself as a soon-to-be mother, to give me the best life possible. And with today being Mother’s Day, I thought it was perfect timing to share in hopes that they might inspire other mothers or soon-to-be mothers – I sure know it inspires me, and just reading this makes me look forward to motherhood that much more.

  1. I will always love and respect my child for who they are, and not for who I want them to be.
  2. I will not burden them with emotions and problems they are not equipped to deal with – remembering that I am the parent and they are the child.
  3. I will, when discipline is necessary, let my child know that I disapprove of what they do, not who they are.
  4. I will set limits for my child, and help them find security in knowing what is expected of them.
  5. I will make time for my child and cherish our moments together, realizing how important and fleeting they are.
  6. I will create a loving home environment and show my child that they are loved, whenever and however I can.
  7. I will be sure to give my child space – to grow, to dream, to succeed and even to fail.
  8. I will encourage them to experience the world and all its possibilities, guiding them in its ways and taking pains to leave them careful, but not fearful.
  9. I will take care of myself physically and emotionally so that I can be there for my child when they need me.
  10. I will try to be the kind of person I want my child to grow up to be – loving and fair-minded, morally-conscious, giving, hopeful, optimistic, positive, happy, outgoing, energetic, creative, and resourceful.
  11. I will tell them that I love them every day, and the last thing they will hear before they sleep at night, is at least one thing that they did that made me proud.

Wishing all the beautiful, superhero moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day! (Especially mine, love you mama!) ❤

How to Study the Bible On Your Own

Over the years, my faith has grown and it’s become something that I hold very close to my heart. While I’m not always able to actually attend church, I try to crack open the bible and dive deep into studying the Word every day. It’s personally something that keeps me grounded, calm and focused on my future – especially when things get rough.

In the past, I had been a part of an incredible bible study group and I loved it! We met weekly to talk about Sunday’s sermon, we did bible studies together, watched biblical movies and had lots of potlucks (one of my favorite parts, while we’re being honest! 😉) I have also been a part of a bible study at work, which was the biggest blessing. Myself, my boss and two of my coworkers met at lunch to cover bible studies. It was so heart-warming to be able to share my faith in the workplace, and that’s something I’ll always cherish. I’ve also had bible studies with friends, and it’s been the greatest experience to share faith with close friends.

While being a part of a group is a great way to dive deep into the Word, you don’t have to! I have found that doing my own solo bible studies and having quiet Jesus time every day to myself, is amazing too!

Here is everything I do to study the Bible on my own, I hope it helps you get started too!

bible study

1. Use an app!

I have used the YouVersion Bible app for years. I was traveling and needed something that was easy to use, so I downloaded it. Little did I know, it would help open up the Bible for me in ways I never thought imaginable.

There are tons and tons of Bible study plans available on this app for FREE, and they’re all so good. (I’ve completed over 200 of them already!)

You can either choose to study by Book, seasons (Christmas, Easter, etc), a life event you’re facing, or your current emotions/struggles.

I’ll be posting a blog soon on the current Bible Studies I’m doing, but in the meantime I highly suggest you download it if you aren’t already using it. It’s so, so helpful.

2. Find a good, seasoned mentor

When I was living in Canada, my faith deepened and strengthened and that is all thanks to the incredible mentors in faith I had! I am thankful for my last relationship, because we both helped each other grow in our faith. Through him, I also joined an amazing church community that opened my eyes to what faith and religion means.

I met so many people who have walked in their faith for so long, I listened to their stories, they prayed over me, and I learned so much about God and myself that I simply could not have learned on my own.

Reach out to your church community, find a solid mentor to learn from, find someone who can show you God in a different light that makes sense to you.

3. Buy a journaling Bible

I should preface this with: Buy a bible you will actually understand. I use the NLT (New Living Translation) because it’s written in common english, so it’s easily relatable. But, if you’re fine with the King James Version, go for it!

I’ve seen many people using journaling Bibles, but it wasn’t until just a few months ago that I got one myself. It was a gift from my mother, and it’s one of my most cherished possessions! I open it every day, it’s highlighted, scribbled in, loved. There are huge margins to write notes in, the pages are a little thicker so pens/highlighters don’t bleed through the pages (but I also use these Bible highlighters!)

4. Crank the worship tunes

One of the many things I love about church is the worship music. It’s uplifting, motivating, calming, exhilarating – all at once.

While you’re doing your own Bible study, bust out a good worship playlist! (Or my Spotify playlist 😉)

Do you do Bible studies on your own? If you have tips, leave them below! ❤

What are your daydreams?

One morning, I was staring out the window while eating my breakfast and I let my mind completely run free. Instead of thinking about all the things I had to get done that day, I just let myself daydream, I allowed the “what ifs” that I normally shut up, I welcomed wonder, I bounced from thought to thought and I did it all while watching clouds drift by.

daydream, butterfly

Do you want to know what I thought about? I thought about…

How much I wish our society wasn’t based around working and paying bills.

Moving to Europe to learn how to make cheese, or excel at pottery, or own a flower shop.

My upcoming road trip across America and all the gas station pit-stops, Americana roadside attractions, and new freckles I’ll get.

My future Dalmatian puppy sitting in the front seat of my future Subaru or Volvo station wagon.

The possibility that all of this is just a huge simulation, or that there are “lizard people” running rampant (I’m on a documentary kick right now, okay don’t judge me).

How obsessed I was with dinosaurs when I was younger, and how I would crawl around on my hands and knees and collect egg-shaped rocks (aka dinosaur eggs) and name them all Courtney.

Becoming a mother, it’s all I want! I can’t wait to raise a family, and make them cute lunches for school, and clean up their messes, and teach them to be kind and open-minded above all else.

Sailing the seas and getting caught in a storm. I’m not quite sure why, but I think about this often.

What about you? What do you daydream about? 😊

The Only Earth Friendly & Natural Beauty Products I Use

Since I began seriously taking care of my health, I’ve also started taking care of my skin and paying attention to the ingredients of my beauty products. Thus began my search for natural beauty products!

Did you know: The average woman puts 515 chemicals on her body every single day without even knowing? And most of these chemicals are absorbed into your skin before breakfast 😳

After I learned that, I began a quest for natural, organic, healthier products to use on my body. I not only want to use products that are safe for every day use, I also want to use products that don’t harm the environment, aren’t tested on animals, etc.

Here are all of my favorite healthy beauty products right now!

Whole Foods Beauty Bag

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel
I’ve been a fan of witch hazel for a long time, because it’s the only toner that will work on my sensitive skin. I love this one because it smells so GOOD.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil
I’ve always felt weird about using oils on my skin because I have oily skin. However, I’ve been reading up a lot on skincare and the benefits of oils, and I’ve been missing out! Rosehip oil is supposedly really nourishing for oily skin and it makes me feel so radiant. I love this stuff.

Weleda Skin Food
If you buy anything from this list, get this. I have dry, bumpy skin but this got rid of it almost immediately. It’s made of beeswax and a bunch of oils, and it’s just amazing.

Mineral Fusion Bronzer Duo Luster
I’ve used the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit for years, but this bronzer easily gives it a run for the money. It’s on the pricier side, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a high-quality, natural makeup product. This makes me look like I’ve been on vacation in the Bahamas AND it’s made from pomegranate, red and white tea, and a whole lot of vitamins – so it’s GOOD for your skin too!

Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub
This, this, this. I’m a sucker for facial scrubs, and this one is the best I’ve ever tried. It’s made from sea kelp, French green clay and lemon peel, and I don’t think my skin has ever felt so soft, clean and vibrant. I really want to try all of their scrubs, masks and serums – I’m obsessed 😍

Alba Hawaiian Detox Warming Mud Mask
I just tried this the other night and I loved it! I love a mask that either tingles or heats up, because then it feels like it’s actually working.

Andalou Naturals Hyaluronic DMAE Lift & Firm Cream
I’m getting older, y’all. I’ve always just used an everyday moisturizer with SPF, but as I’m passing the threshold of my mid-twenties, I’m starting to notice my skin changing. This cream has tons and tons of good stuff in it to help boost the health of your skin, and after just the first few uses, I noticed an increase in vitality! I love it so far.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick (in Nile Nude)
The only lip color I wear is nude, so when I found this shade from Burt’s Bees, I fell in love. It applies like a chapstick and keeps my lips protected and soft all while giving my lips a subtle hue. This is easily one of my favorite lip products!

Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes
These wipes are so much better than any other wipe I’ve ever used, plus they smell like coconut… I mean, come on. They work just as well as any other wipe I’ve tried, BUT these ones don’t burn my eyes and they’re made with natural, plant-based ingredients (like papaya and aloe vera!)

Do you have any favorite natural beauty products? Share them below, I need excuses to buy more things!



*Some links may be affiliate links, because my acai bowl habit won’t pay for itself 😉

natural beauty

Springtime | A time for embracing change

There’s something I love about all seasons.

Summer for all the fond memories and sense of nostalgia it holds.

Autumn for the drastic change from lush greenery to oranges, browns and reds. The way it brings together warmth and coldness.

Winter for the way it exposes the earth, strips the trees of its leaves and the world of its color – yet at the same time, brings so much cheer and coziness and familiarity.

And Spring, the time of year when things come back to life, flowers bloom, creatures (and people) emerge from their winter hibernations, and change is embraced with open hearts.

The first phase of Spring is a time when plants begin to defrost, shed themselves of the winter cold and emerge from their dreariness.

In the second phase, they begin to grow, their roots take hold and they grow, grow, grow.

In the third phase, their leaves reach up toward the sun and embrace warmth, embrace change.

And then one morning, seemingly out of nowhere, a flower appears. Beautiful, vibrant and full of life.

The last 7 months have been a season of change. In these last few months, I have shed myself of my dark, cold winter. I’ve grown. I’ve realized my beauty and allowed myself to strengthen and improve myself – for myself.

Right now, I’m in the third phase of spring. I’m embracing the change that is happening in my life and in my heart. Every day, I’m working toward becoming the person I want to be. The joyful, calm, kind, radiant me.

And I can’t wait to bloom.


7 Ways I Use Sunday to Rejuvenate for the Week

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more of a stronger love for the weekend. Not because I can veg out on my Netflix shows (which I also do), or take full advantage of cheat days (I also proudly partake in those), but because the weekend is a time for me to do a hard reset after a long week.

Saturdays are usually the day I actually go out and do things – whether it be shopping, seeing friends or family, going for a hike or a swim. Since I work from home, I rarely ever leave the house. So I leave Saturdays for outings.

That leaves Sunday for my day of rest and relaxation and vegging out and just relishing in doing absolutely nothing. Here are seven things I (try to) do every Sunday to set myself up for a great week ahead.

1. Sleep in

I wake up for work at 3:10am every morning, so when I have the chance to sleep in (even if it’s just until 6am) I take it! The weekend is my time to catch up on sleep and I take full advantage of it.

2. Start with yoga, stretches, or meditation

Something I’ve been doing since I came back from my recent trips, is yoga and meditations. I’ve found that they’re really helpful when I start to feel overwhelmed or tense, and they’re easy to do throughout the day!

Here are the apps I love:




Down Dog

3. Make a good breakfast

It’s hard to eat healthily all the time, but I’ve found that even if I just eat ONE healthy meal a day, I feel accomplished and better about myself. So that’s exactly what I do!

I’ve been eating a variation of the same breakfast for the last 3 months and I. Am. Obsessed.

I’ll either eat oatmeal or yogurt (almond or cashew yogurt, because I don’t eat dairy!), but I load it up with all kinds of healthy toppings!

If you want the recipe, it’s here. You’re welcome 😉

4. Soak up the sunshine

Another thing I have to do during the weekend is get outside and soak up all the sunshine I can. I’m indoors all week long, and I live in Hawaii… I mean, c’mon.

Whether it be simply lying outside, going out on the boat, going for a hike, swimming, or even – dare I say it – doing yard work. Whatever it is, I need to get outside during the weekends.

5. My Jesus time

I (try to) open up my bible every day, but honestly sometimes life gets too busy, I’m too exhausted, whatever the excuse is. I don’t always get to it. So I make it a strong point to carve out time on the weekend to do my bible study.

My favorite thing is taking my bible outside and studying in the sunshine – it’s magical.

Would you like me to do a post on bible studies, how I do them, etc.? Let me know!

6. Take a screen break

I work on computers all day, every day. So when it comes time for the weekend, I try to stay off screens as much as I possibly can to give my eyes and brain a break.

Instead, I try to read, play games, cook, clean, get outside. Anything to stimulate my mind without a screen/light. And you should too! It’s not healthy to be staring at a screen all the time (I tell you as you read this on a screen haha, but you get the point)

7. Call it an early night

During the week, I head to bed around 7pm, but on Sunday I make it an even earlier night so that I can fit in a solid night routine. I take a long, hot bath, do a face mask, paint my nails, write.

I make sure to take the time to do things for me, before starting a week that’s dedicated to work and early mornings.


This is my perfect, ideal Sunday. What does yours look like? ☀


weekend refresh, self care tips

Books on my Shelf Right Now

Since my last reading list post, I’ve picked up a few new books and rediscovered two old favorites! I’ve been loving the time I carve out to read, it never fails to take me to another place and time – and we all need that sometimes.

Here’s what’s on my book shelf right now.

reading list, books

The Woman in the Window | A.J. Finn

I just started reading this one, and I’m already nearly 100 pages in! I can’t stop. I picked it up because Stephen King was raving about it – and what do you know, he was right. This book is so well-written and terrifying at the same time. I don’t want it to end.

The Desire Map | Danielle LaPorte

I’ve talked about this book a lot, and if you’ve been here for a long, long time, you’ll remember when I first picked this up back in 2015. Since I’ve been going through tons of changes in my life lately, and in the next few months I will be going through even more, I recently powered through this book again.

This is not your average “goal setting/self-help/find yourself” books. I mean, it is but it also isn’t at the same time. It’s a bit too cute at times, but there’s absolutely zero fluff and there’s a wealth of actionable steps and tips and worksheets to fill out.

If you’re in the market for a book to help you get organized and realize your goals, get this. Seriously.

Sea of Strangers |Lang Leav

Ah, heartbreak is painful. But reading about heartbreak presented in beautiful prose, and being able to relate to it makes it all hurt a little bit less. I’m a sucker for words, I love them, I could look at them all day long and never grow tired. But the way Lang Leav strings her words together is different – and I can’t describe it, but I love it.

I finished this book in a day, and I want more and more and more.

What are your favorite prose/poetry books? (Preferably in the love/heartbreak department, but I’ll take any suggestions!)

Brave Enough | Cheryl Strayed

I keep this book on my nightstand and I come back to it often when I need words of encouragement or a good slap in the face. Cheryl is the author of Wild, and she’s been one of my favorites for a long time because of her bold way of living and saying what’s on her mind.

This is just a book of her quotes, but it’s a short pick-me-up when you need it!

What books should I read next? What are your favorites? ❤

Life Lately: Two more months left in Hawaii!

Life has been pretty busy and fast-paced lately, but it’s good. So, so good.

If you read my last post, I’ve been here in Hawaii for 6 months now, which I still can’t grasp. Time FLIES. And it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

Here’s what life has been looking like lately.

I had the flu and it rained for about two solid weeks, so I was cooped up inside for a while. The last few days have been gorgeous, and I finally got out, laid in the sun and remembered just how beautiful this world is.

My work schedule is pretty crazy, so I barely get out and explore Hawaii these days. But since I only have two months left here, I want to prioritize exploring because I know I’m going to miss this island so much once I board that plane.

This past weekend was full of self-care and relaxation, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I started (and finished) Big Little Lies and Santa Clarita Diet, and both series were amazing! I slowed down after a busy week with work, took bubble baths, started a new yoga flow and bought some new books.

Here are some of my favorite books, but do you want me to share the books I’m currently reading? 

Also, since I finished both shows… I need new show/movie recommendations!

I just want to talk about my work for a second. I wake up at 3am because I work east coast hours, I typically work 10 hour days and work often runs into my weekend. I juggle tons of different tasks, I’m always on the phone, in meetings or putting fires out. But I love what I do. I actually find myself going to sleep excited to wake up in the morning to start another day of work, because I’m that passionate about our mission and I love my team. For the first time in my career, I feel like I truly belong somewhere and like I’m needed.

It’s sunflower time on Maui! There is a huge field in the middle of the island dedicated to harvesting sunflower oil for alternative fuel, and the flowers have started blooming again. It’s such a beautiful thing to see. It makes me so happy when I drive by it!

This huge map is taped up on the wall, and every morning when I walk by it I get more and more excited for my grand adventure. The goal is to leave the islands in June, which gives me two months to plan and pack. I will be writing a completely separate post on this adventure, because it’s that huge.

But in the meantime, what are some of your favorite places in America? 🙂