How to Get Paid for Freelance Writing

I’ve been a freelance writer for a while, but only recently started to earn substantial money from my work. Freelance writing is an extremely competitive market, but it’s not totally impossible to make money—or a career— out of it. I have a few resources for blogging and business, working from home and book writing, but I really wanted to compile a list of sites to help you get paid for freelance writing. Happy writing! 👍🏼

get paid for writing

Sites that pay you for your writing


Pay: This Disney company pays up to $150 per article

Topic: Family, parenting, lifestyle

The Penny Hoarder

Pay: Up to $75 per article

Topic: Money, investing, debt, careers


Pay: Up to $250 per article

Topic: Comedy, pop culture, personal experiences

Paste Magazine

Pay: ~$50 per article (in the form of feature profiles, essays, reviews)

Topic: Music, TV, video games

A List Apart

Pay: $200 per article

Topic: Web development, web design, tech


Pay: ~$75 per article

Topic: Video games, anime, pop culture


Pay: $1/word

Topic: Business, entrepreneurial

Confrontation Magazine

Pay: Up to $200 per article

Topic: Short stories, poetry, nonfiction

Affiliate sites for writers

Mixbook — 15% per sale and $20 affiliate bonuses

Blurb — 15% per sale, plus affiliate bonuses and free products

Grammarly — $20 per sale, $25 affiliate bonus

More Ways to Make Money Online

Ultimate Social Media Guide

  • 9 Pinterest group boards
  • 7 Facebook groups
  • 6 Instagram hashtag sets

Ultimate Blogging Resource

  • Setting up your blog
  • Optimizing your site
  • 10 programs to help you land brand deals
  • Making REAL money

10 Blog Topics that Generate Crazy Traffic

*Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 😉

How to Get Paid for Freelance Writing

Ultimate Social Media Resource | Build a community, increase traffic and gain followers

Hey! If you’re interested in this, check out my Ultimate Blogging Resource for my tips with staying organized, building strong content and earning money online 😊

enhance your social media and start earning money online

If you’re like me, you probably spend tons of time online, scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You’ve also probably seen all types of sponsored posts, Instagrammers with #ad in their captions, and YouTube videos that seem more like commercials than anything else.

But have you also wondered how people make a living off their social media channels? How people can somehow build communities and get their content out into the world without having to put out tons of money for advertising? Because I have!

I’m envious of those who can turn their platforms into money-generating machines, however it isn’t as impossible as it may seem.

Here’s everything you need to get a head-start in building your very own active Internet community and turn a real profit from your social media posts.

*Quick Disclaimer: I’m not going to tell you to track your analytics and know your target audience and times/days to post on each social media channel. That’s helpful, but ONLY if you know what to do with that info. These tips are specifically tailored to help you grow and see results fast 👍🏼

First, I’ll give you my top 3 social media tips, then I’ll break it down by platform.

1. Increase your traffic with Pinterest

While we’re being honest, I’ve always viewed Pinterest as a “fun” website more than a money-making, traffic-generating website. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

However, after spending some time in the slammer (aka: Google Analytics), I’ve realized that Pinterest is my leading traffic source! So I’ve been doing more and more to increase my traffic and traction with Pinterest. Here’s what will help you:

Find your niche

If you’re ready to explode your blog traffic by using Pinterest, the first thing you need to do is find your niche. To be successful, you need to know yourself inside and out (this applies to everything in life, FYI! 😊)

This website is amazing, because all you need to do is type in some keywords that describe you, your blog, your posts, etc., and it finds Pinterest Groups that you can join to promote your blog posts/pins!

Check it out here.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest Group Boards that have really helped my content sky-rocket, reach a lot of people, grow my community and earn money! ⚡

Bloggers Post It Board

Top Blogs Pinterest Viral Board

Post Your Blog

Biz and Blogging Group Board

Turbo Blogging and Business Group Board

Best of the Best Blog Posts

Best Blog Posts Group

Blogging Buddies

Share Your Blog with the World

2. Build a community with Facebook Groups

Another great way to build your community, increase your engagement (comments, likes, reposts), and create a solid foundation is through Facebook Groups! I started getting really involved with Facebook Groups almost 3 years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite tools!

Each Facebook blogging group has different goals and rules, but if used properly, they can be super useful! Here are a few of my favorite Facebook Groups for blogging:

Awesome Bloggers

Social Media Network Group

Growing Social Media for Bloggers

Show Your Blog Love

Instagram Fabulous

Pinterest Ninjas

Fabulous Bloggers

ultimate guide to blogging

3. Hashtags by category

To increase your Instagram engagement, followers and reach, using hashtags is a must! I keep a library of hashtag sets in my iPhone notes app, and to keep them “invisible” under my Instagram photo, I format them all with bullets which you’ll see in my examples below. Feel free to steal those and save them to your notes app to use! 👍🏼


#igpodium_portraits #pursuitofportraits #igshotz #instagoodmyphoto #TheBest_Capture
#photooftheday #picoftheday #photodaily #justgoshoot #vsco #vscocam #bestofvsco #igmasters #friendsinmyfeed #postthepeople #keepitwild #welivetoexplore #thousandwords #photographysouls #pursuitofportraits #makeportraits


#theworldshotz #worldtravelbook #beautifuldestinations #streets_oftheworld #ig_street
#naturephotoportal #earthgallery #discoverearth #wonderful_places #theglobewanderer
#discoverglobe #earthfocus #cityscape #travelblogging #dametraveler #traveldiaries #instatravel #travelblogger #travelblog #travelgram #travelphoto #neverstopexploring #passionpassport #darlingescapes #stayandwander


#thedailybite #foodporn #foodilysm #foodblogger #instafood #nomnom #foodies #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodlovers #foodstyling #vscocook #vscofood #glutenfree #onthetable #frommytable #foodstyling #tastingtable


#designinspo #designporn #designlovers #designblogger #designoftheday #prettythings #designyourmind #fineart #designinspiration #graphicdesigncentral #graphicdesign #designbyme #designyourlife #homestyling #homedecor #instainteriors #designlife


#writersofinstagram #writingprompt #instapoetry #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersblock #writerlife #writtenword #instawriters #spilledink #wordgasm #creativewriting #poetsofinstagram #blackoutpoetry #poetsofig #amwriting


*I use these “generic” hashtags when I have a photo that doesn’t quite fit the other catagories

#theblogissue #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #darlingweekend #thehappynow #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #livecolorfully #mybeautifulmess #vsco #flashesofdelight #abmtravelbug #abmlifeissweet #thehappynow #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #livecolorfully #lifeincolor #photosinbetween #posttheordinary #momentsofmine #wanderfolk #lovefromfp #uoaroundyou #welllived #dametraveler #femmetravel #sheisnotlost #stellaspoils

Pinterest for your blog

  1. Get a Pinterest Business account to be able to utilize the analytics, rich pins, and advertising features
  2. Create beautiful pins with great design and crisp photos. I use Canva to create my blog and social media graphics, including my pins!
  3. Organize your pins by category AND update your board cover photos. Either design your own custom covers or just choose the most aesthetically-pleasing photos (that’s what I did!)

Instagram for your blog

  1. Create a theme and stick to it (for a little while, until you grow tired of it at least!). I’ve been editing my photos with the same colors and I love it!
  2. Be consistent in your photo styles and try to incorporate variety between photos of yourself, your outfits, landscapes, nature, etc. (I don’t know about you, but when I see a profile full of only selfies, it’s a bit much! Give your audience some variety)
  3. Your caption is a valuable place to interact with your audience AND reach a wider audience. Get personal, ask questions, and use the hashtags I included above!
  4. Beat the algorithm – It’s ever-changing, but I’ve found that if you respond to comments on your photos within a few minutes, more people will see your photos because Instagram views you as more “active”
  5. Post to your story actively – Using your stories as a “behind the scenes” view is important to letting your audience in on your life. Plus, the more you post to your story, the more your photos will show up in your followers’ feeds!

Facebook for your blog

  1. Fully set up your account – Even if you’re not a huge Facebook fan, having one is essential for strong SEO. Google LOVES and favors sites that have strong Google+ and Facebook accounts.
  2. Use the Groups feature! Join groups and engage, engage, engage. Hell, you could even make your own group for your blog.
  3. Try out Facebook Ads – If you’re launching an e-course or new products or have a really strong blog that you want to promote, try out Facebook Ads to push traffic to your site (it can’t HURT)

Twitter for your blog

  1. Promote yourself. Twitter is one of the greatest promotion tools for your blog, because it’s a house of content! Use Twitter to push your content, use the right hashtags, mention the right people, and always include a photo.
  2. Build and organize Twitter Lists, that way you’re always engaging with your audience.
  3. Use their in-house analytics feature to find out who follows you, where your content reaches, and what type of content performs the best.

Bloglovin for your blog

  1. Claim your blog, if you haven’t already! This is a great platform that helps your readers see all your posts in one place, so they never miss a thing!
  2. Add a Bloglovin button to your website so your followers can easily subscribe to you.

What are some of your tips for using social media? I’d love to hear them! 😊

Ultimate Social Media Resource | Build a community, increase traffic and gain followers

Ultimate Blogging Resource | Stay Organized, Gain Followers & Make Money Online

I’m going to take some guesses here: You love blogging, love the community, love taking photos, writing, and being a part of something awesome. But you also want to amp up your blogging game, you’re finding it hard to stay organized, balance your work and blog life (I know, it’s tough), you want to gain followers, work with brands, get free stuff, and make money.

Right? Right.

Well, listen. I’ve been blogging for a little over 6 years and only in the last few months (February-May) have I started really taking it seriously. I switched domains, applied what I know about marketing and SEO to my blog, searched high and low for the best affiliate programs and influencer management companies – and I’m really proud to be able to say that I paid my student loan bills last month just from money I earned from my blog and socials!

How did I do it? Well, I did it by following all the tips I’ll list here. (I will also be creating an Ultimate Social Media Resource, so keep an eye out for that too!) 😊

1. Set yourself up with the right blog hosting

Like many new bloggers, when I created my first blog I used a address. It wasn’t professional, it didn’t look pretty, wasn’t fun to say, etc. But I was a broke college student and I was only doing it for fun, so it worked for me.

The most important thing you can do is get yourself set up with the right blog platform and hosting. You’ve probably heard tons and tons of different things, and if you’re anything like me, it’s all super confusing and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be.

Right now, I’m using a WordPress Business plan. If you are using WordPress and aren’t ready for a fully self-hosted site, I highly recommend the Business plan because it allows you to do things you can’t do on the other plans. Some things that compelled me to upgrade were:

  • SEO Tools
  • Google Analytics integration (super important to be found online!)
  • Plugins, plugins, plugins
  • Ability to remove WordPress branding
  • Unlimited storage space

While WordPress Business is not self-hosted, it’s been doing the job. However, I’m reaching the point where I want to be fully self-hosted. It’s more professional, convenient and offers many more opportunities from a business standpoint. All that to say, I am in the process of transitioning to a self-hosted site by using WP Engine!

I discovered WP Engine from another blogger, and after checking them out and comparing them to other hosting sites, I decided to go with them! Of course, I had my concerns and I’m one of the most indecisive people on the planet, so I spent upwards of a month digging into their site to make sure I was making the right choice. Here are some concerns I had, and how WP Engine solves them all.

I didn’t want to deal with site migration.

Guess what – with WP Engine, I didn’t have to deal with migrating my site, because they have a plugin that literally does everything for you. (I know, I didn’t believe it either)

I didn’t have the TIME to spend on my site

I’ve transferred over from WordPress to Squarespace and back to WordPress, and I know it takes hours and days of planning and executing. I did not want to go through that again. When I saw that they promise a simple, 30-minute site migration, I was sold!

I didn’t want to pay an outrageous amount of $$$

When I heard: “Self-hosted” it triggered something in my brain that meant: “An arm and a leg.” But that also isn’t true! Right now, I am paying $25/month for the WordPress Business plan, and once I make the full switch over to WP Engine, I’ll be paying $28/month. 

2. Grow an email list

I’ve been working in marketing for over almost 7 years now (don’t do the math on my age please…), and one thing that I’ve learned that really works to attract and keep a steady traffic source is email.

I even know bloggers who ONLY use email as their main marketing tactic, because it’s that effective. For my clients, I have always used InfusionSoft and ConvertKit

If you are strictly a business, I would recommend InfusionSoft. However, if you are a blogger, small business owner, have never used email marketing platforms, or are just starting out, I would highly recommend ConvertKit. Here’s why:

  • It was crafted with creators in mind, making it easy to understand and everything you need is at your fingertips
  • The dashboard helps you use your email list to GROW your business with beautiful forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automations
  • You don’t need a firm grasp of email marketing or marketing automation to be successful with ConvertKit – they make it so, so easy


3. Get organized with the right planner

It doesn’t matter if I have the best online tools, 10 Google calendars, 5 Trello boards – Nothing keeps me organized better than a good, old-fashioned planner. (However, Trello is totally awesome and you should check it out)

I currently have 3 planners: One for my personal life (Lol, what life?), work, and this here blog!

I’ve used tons of different planners, and none stack up against my Day Designer. We’re in a very committed relationship.

What makes the Day Designer planner stand out? Well for me:

  • They have a hard cover and strong wire spiral, so they’ll never ever break (at least, I’ve never ruined one and I take it everywhere!)
  • Each planner includes helpful planning pages like: reality checks, core values, goals and intentions
  • Each day includes space for you to focus on your top 3 tasks for the day, an hourly breakdown of your day, daily gratitude, and even meal planning!

I just can’t say enough good things about this company, go check them out for yourselves!

4. Write content that drives traffic

An important part of being a content creator is creating content, but do you know what happens when you create content that drives traffic?

  • Grow your audience
  • Increase affiliate/ad sales
  • Attract your dream brands/collaborations

There are 10 types of content that readers are absolutely crazy about and I wrote about them here. Happy writing! 😊

5. Monetize your content with these affiliate networks

When I was getting serious about monetizing my blog, the first thing I sought out was affiliate networks and different ad networks that other bloggers were a part of. They seemed to be making money, so why couldn’t I? Here are the networks I am a part of (and LOVE!)

  • ShareASale – This is one of the largest merchants, they have tons of brands, products, campaigns!
  • MediaNet – Forbes, Yahoo, Reuters. This is one of the world’s largest ad networks.
  • Amazon Affiliates – I spend most of my time on Amazon, anyway… why not make money from it? Plus, Amazon makes it so easy

6. How to work with brands

When I was just getting started, finding brand deals was hard work! It almost seemed impossible for me, while other bloggers seemed to have sponsorships coming out of their ears. That’s when I discovered influencer management groups! Here are the ones I’m a part of (ranked):

Was this helpful? What are some of your best tips? And, I would love to see your blogs! Leave your links below. ❤

*This post contains affiliate links, because like I showed you in this post, they work! Now, go get signed up and start making affiliate sales of your own. You can do it  😊

Ultimate Blogging Resource | Stay Organized, Gain Followers & Make Money Online

What It’s Like To Work From Home

Have you ever dreamed of working from home? Are you tired of waking up early in the morning, leaving the house when it’s dark and coming home when it’s dark? Do you wish you could say goodbye to the office for good and work according to your own schedule? Want to work in your pajamas? Guess what! It’s not totally out of reach!

In total, I’ve worked from home for a few years and while it isn’t for everyone, I personally love it. I love the flexibility that comes with it, and I love that I can work from anywhere and I’m not necessarily tied to one place.

It definitely takes a certain type of person. You need to be self-motivated, organized, and able to work in a solo environment.

Important! If you are prone to laziness, get distracted easily and/or need other people or an office-like environment in order to stay on task, working from home may not be the best option for you! 

However, if you’re still considering starting a work-from-home position, this blog is for you!

home office

How to stay motivated & focused when you work from home

Working remotely takes a lot of focus, and it took me a while to figure out the things that worked for me. Here are some of my best tips for staying motivated and focused while working from home:

  • Create a dedicated work space – Carving out a space for you to work while you’re at home will help your productivity levels soar. (If you read my post about writing tips, you already know how important this dedicated space is ;))
  • Set a schedule – Although you work from home, you should still create a daily schedule and stick to it! This will help you get in the zone and feel like you’re really doing something.
  • Get to know yourself – Through trial and error, you’ll be able to figure out when you’re most productive. Then based on that, you can determine when you should be working. (For example, I find that I work the best early in the mornings when the world is still quiet!)
  • Get ready for the day – Yeah, yeah, yeah. “I’m working from home, so why would I bother getting dressed or putting makeup on?” Well, because it’s proven to make you more productive! Just the simple act of putting some jeans on can make you feel much more motivated to get ‘er done!
  • Give yourself a break – I’ll be honest, I don’t do this often enough, if at all. I’m one of those people who needs to finish something as soon as I start it, and then I get on a roll and want to knock out tasks. But that isn’t always the best. Take breaks, give your mind a rest, drink water.
  • Get out! – I’ll also admit I’ve only done this a few times, but if you’re in a rut or having writer’s block, getting out and working at a coffee shop or a park can spark your creativity. (And, it’s a great way to meet new people, which is especially difficult if you’re working remotely!)
  • Buy 5 planners – Maybe not 5, but you get it. Buy a planner and use it! (This is the one I’m using!) Plan out your entire day and prioritize your tasks. And don’t forget to mark off things you complete, studies show that helps us become motivated to achieve even more!

How I stay organized while working from home

Aside from staying motivated, keeping organized is the most important thing to keep in mind while working from home. These are my favorite planners and apps that hold me accountable!


Day Designer – This is my all-time favorite planner. I’ve seen it around the Internet for some time, but this year I finally got one and I love it! (Here is the exact one that I have!)

This one is amazing because it lays out your day by the hour, it has a section for your daily top 3 tasks, and it even has a gratitude box!


Best apps to keep you organized:

I love apps, and I’m always downloading new ones to test out. Here are my favorites (so far).

  • Evernote – I wouldn’t survive without a space to jot down all my thoughts, ideas and tasks. Aside from my planners, I need an app to help me keep track of my to-do lists. Evernote is perfect because it syncs with my iPhone and iPad, and it even has some awesome templates that make staying organized super easy!
  • Dropbox – Unless your work uses iCloud or OneDrive, you’re most likely using DropBox to share and upload files. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s reliable. I use it for my personal work, too!
  • Asana – This is one of the cleanest, most reliable time-tracking softwares I’ve ever used. You can create teams, projects, run company performance reports, and color code your projects (my favorite feature!). Plus, NASA uses it… so it must be out of this world (I had to… lol)
  • Noisli or Coffitivity or Rainy Café – Yes, I have them all bookmarked and YES I use them all. Each one has different features and sounds a bit different, so depending on the day or the mood I’m in, I’ll choose one over the other. I can’t work in silence, and sometimes music is too distracting, so these sites are incredible when I need a good, calming white noise!
  • Every Time Zone – If you’re working remotely chances are, your coworkers are spread out across the globe. This makes collaborating and communicating tricky sometimes, because of the time differences! I love Every Time Zone, because it lays out the different time zones in relation to the current time where you are, so you’ll never be confused again! (Hopefully)

remote jobs

My favorite websites for finding remote jobs

Not every job site is going to make it easy to find remote or work at home jobs, but I’ve done my fair share of searching around and here are my favorites (that DON’T require a membership!)


We Work Remotely




Remote OK

Authentic Jobs

That’s all I’ve got for now! I hope this was helpful to you if you work from home or are considering becoming a remote worker! If you have any tips, leave them below! ❤️

*Some links may be affiliate links. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 😉

What It’s Like To Work From Home

10 Blog Topics That Generate Tons of Traffic (and how to promote them!)

Whether you’re just starting out with your blog, or you’ve been blogging forever, everyone can use a few new ideas here and there. I write for a living, but even I need inspiration sometimes! So I put together this list of my favorite traffic-generating blog post ideas. Happy writing!

1. How-To

What do you do when you need to know how to do something? You Google it. And guess what? So does everyone else.

This is basic SEO: If tons of people are searching “How to bake a pecan pie” and you write a blog about baking a pecan pie, they will land on your site!

Side note: When I wrote my blog on Pecan Pie, I wrote it because I had just done it and I was proud of myself. Ironically, the next day, “Pecan Pie” was trending on Pinterest! Win-win!

So, the best way to make sure you write posts that will generate a lot of traffic, is to make sure you know what is trending at the time.

2. Recipes

Since I mentioned it above, I figured it would be a perfect segue… Recipes are fantastic traffic generators because they can be shared to Pinterest!

If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest like I do, you’ll know that recipes are one of the most popular pins, which means if you write a recipe blog and share it on Pinterest, you’ll likely have a viral blog on your hands in no time! (Or you’ll just fall into a deep Pinterest black hole of no return. It happens to me daily, it’s fine)

3. Guides

Are you an expert in something? Whatever it is (baking, gardening, business, childcare), if you have tons of tips and expertise, putting together an essential guide can land you tons and tons of traffic.

People are always looking for “ultimate guides” online, so creating one will guarantee a spike in traffic and interest.

Tip: Want to increase your traffic AND email subscribers? Offer your guide as a download that your followers can receive via email! 🙂

4. Questions

Do you know what the top Google search is? (No, it’s not Jeffrey Dean Morgan… is that just me?) The top Google search is posed as a question!

If you center your blog post around frequently asked or commonly asked questions, your blog will go traffic crazy.


Because Google has this fun thing called a knowledge graph, and if you answer a common question in your blog, your site might be posted in this nifty little box!

Here’s a crackin’ example of Google’s knowledge graph:

5. Product reviews

I love working with brands and I love reviewing products, because it’s fun and helpful to readers. Product reviews are a high traffic generator for two reasons:

  1. Shoppers constantly search for reviews and testimonies from real people (aka bloggers)
  2. Brands often repost product reviews or sponsored content

6. Contests

Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you’re lucky enough to be hosting a contest, you will also be lucky enough to reap the benefits of more blog traffic! Everyone loves contests, and if you host one on your blog, it will be clicked on, engaged with, shared, reposted. You get it.

7. Advice

Just like the How-To and Questions blog topics above, “advice” blogs are extremely popular. A few weeks ago, I was actually searching for advice online and instead of finding news articles or medical journals, the first things that popped up were blogs!

If you have advice to offer, post a blog about it! Chances are, there are a bunch of people who need to hear what you have to say. And even if it doesn’t go “viral,” you’ll still be able to sleep easier at night knowing you helped at least one person with your advice. And that makes it worth it, right?

8. Travel

Have you recently gone on a trip? Are you in the middle of planning a trip? Are you a full time traveler (or at least trying to be?)

Then write about it!

When I mentioned that one of the most popular type of pins on Pinterest are recipes, the other types are travel-related. Everyone wants first-hand knowledge and tips in regards to travel, and these posts can never go wrong!

So if you’ve recently traveled or are planning to, posting a blog about it will result in traffic galore for you.

Tip: Bonus points if you write about how to travel cheaply!

9. Gift ideas

Since we’re right smack dab in the middle of the holidays, it would be wrong for me not to include a “gift ideas” blog topic.

BUT the amazing thing about these type of blogs is that they perform well any time of the year, making them evergreen (aka they never go out of style).

People are always searching for the “perfect” gift, and they’re always searching for gift guides and gift ideas, so create a really awesome one and get those views!

10. Personal posts

This is my personal favorite, and although it won’t get you the viral, crazy traffic that you’re looking for, it does give you loyal readers that keep coming back for more. By being open and letting your readers into your personal life, you’ll soon create a solid community, which is the most important thing in this blogging world.

These are my favorite traffic-generating blogs, and after working in the marketing world these are the topics I’ve found that have always performed the best for my clients, too.

Do you have any blog topics that have driven tons of traffic to your site? ⚡️

10 Blog Topics That Generate Tons of Traffic (and how to promote them!)