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Thanksgiving at Home

The last two Thanksgivings have been very different. Last year, I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I was in Canada (so I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in October). The year before that, I was living on my own in DC, and I spent Thanksgiving by myself. So this year when I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with my family, I was over the moon. We spent the day baking and cooking, watching the parade, playing board games, and of course… napping. It was perfect. Here are some photos from that day! Spending the holidays with my family will always be my favorite thing to do. Did you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family? How did you spend the day? 💛


I love the holiday season, because it has a special way of reminding us to show gratitude and make family time a priority. So much has happened this year, and I think it would be strange if I wasn’t thankful for it all. It’s been filled to the brim with ups and downs. I’ve been at my highest and I’ve certainly been at my very lowest. But you know what? I’m very thankful for everything that I’ve gone through over the past year, because all of it has helped me grow in one way or another. And, if I hadn’t experienced the things I had this year, I wouldn’t be where I am – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Before I get into what I’m thankful for, I feel like I need to preface this by saying I’m the type of person who is simply amazed by everything, I’m grateful for everything, and I think everything is beautiful. So picking and choosing just a few things to add to a list is difficult. But here we …

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In 2012, I lost my stepmom to breast cancer. Last year, my mom got checked for lumps (she’s okay, thankfully). This year, one of our friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. And with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it just seemed fitting to join a walk. I thought about my stepmom a lot that day. I was surrounded by other survivors, fighters, and people (like me) who have been affected by breast cancer by losing a loved one. It was emotional, but smiles were everywhere. It felt good doing good. My mom and I before the walk! We had a pink sunset that night. It seemed fitting after a day filled with pink and love. Do you know anyone who is battling or has battled breast cancer? Tell me! I’d love to add them to my prayer list ❤️

Last Days in Canada

Three weeks ago, I decided to leave the home and life I made myself in Canada. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, and it was really rough on me. Luckily, friends from work were there for me, friends from college kept me company on the phone, and my mom flew up to help me pack up and move. Here are some photos from my last moments in Canada – a place I was lucky to call home for even a short while. Canada, I’ll never forget you and all the lessons you taught me.


You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. The last you heard from me, I was going on vacation to Hawaii to visit my family – that was a month ago. Since then, I’ve been silent on social media, here on this blog, and I haven’t been on my phone much either.  I’ve got an explanation, but to keep it short: I’m back home in Hawaii for good. You’re probably thinking: What about Canada? Your life? Boyfriend? Cat? Everything? The funny thing is, sometimes life doesn’t work the way you think it will. Things change. People change. And before you know it, nothing is the same.  It’s pretty wild how much everything can change in the matter of a few days. But it’s somewhat comforting as well, to know that no matter what, you’re never stuck in a situation, you aren’t necessarily tied down to a specific place, job, person, or life. And if you aren’t happy with your current place in life, you have all the power to change it. So here I am, sitting at …

Twenty-four today

I’ve felt this summer day 24 times. And while so many things have changed over the years, I’ve never felt so much like myself as I do right now in this very moment.  This morning, I was standing on my balcony thinking about everything I’ve done in the 24 short years I’ve been on this planet. I tried to look at my life from an outsider’s point of view, racking up all of the things I’ve accomplished, trials I’ve overcome, friends I’ve made and lost, places I’ve been to, dreams I’ve had. I stood there on my balcony and I felt a tremendous sense of pride for myself. I don’t give myself enough credit, so today, I’m letting myself feel all of it. And it feels great. Before getting ready for the day, I stood in front of my bathroom mirror. Self-analyzing. Me at 24. Me not wearing a trace of makeup, with hair messy from a good night’s sleep. The corners of my eyes that wrinkle and cheeks that puff up when I smile. The …

I had tea with Michelle Obama

What do you do when you get an email that reads: “First Lady Michelle Obama invites you to a conversation about the health of our nation to be held at the White House”? Scream. I’ve visited the White House a few years ago, but I never got to go inside. Let alone be on a list of attendees for a special event with the First Lady. The journey there from my apartment was hectic because DC’s metro system has been having major issues lately, so I took an uber in and out of the city. As soon as I got there and drove by the National Mall and the outer gates of the White House complex, I started to get really excited. This is where all of our American presidents lived and walked. This is one of the most historic places in the United States. It took me a moment to wrap my head around the fact that I would actually be going inside instead of standing on the outside of the gates. As soon as I …