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  • Do you believe in miracles?

    Do you believe in miracles?

    I haven’t always been the type of person to believe in miracles. But as of late, I am. When I was in the Wyoming desert, I got a phone call I wasn’t expecting. And from this day forward, Wyoming will forever be known to me as the place where I experienced heartache, grief, and a […]

  • An Ode to a Home (pt. II)

    An Ode to a Home (pt. II)

    The sun feels different in Hawaii. It’s hot, but not excruciating – it’s more like a hug, a warm embrace. The breeze wraps around your face like a soft shawl. The birds sing melodies only the islands can understand. I have moved away from Hawaii many times in my life, but I have always been […]

  • Mother’s Day | 11 Promises My Mother Made to Me Before I Was Born

    Mother’s Day | 11 Promises My Mother Made to Me Before I Was Born

    A few days ago, while going through some old boxes, my mother found this little sheet of paper. Written on it, were promises and goals she set for herself as a soon-to-be mother, to give me the best life possible. And with today being Mother’s Day, I thought it was perfect timing to share in […]

  • What are your daydreams?

    What are your daydreams?

    One morning, I was staring out the window while eating my breakfast and I let my mind completely run free. Instead of thinking about all the things I had to get done that day, I just let myself daydream, I allowed the “what ifs” that I normally shut up, I welcomed wonder, I bounced from […]

  • Springtime | A time for embracing change

    Springtime | A time for embracing change

    There’s something I love about all seasons. Summer for all the fond memories and sense of nostalgia it holds. Autumn for the drastic change from lush greenery to oranges, browns and reds. The way it brings together warmth and coldness. Winter for the way it exposes the earth, strips the trees of its leaves and […]

  • Don’t Forget

    Don’t Forget

    The other day I was eavesdropping on a couple next to me (don’t act like you don’t do it). The lady sat down next to her husband and was reminding him to take his medication, asking him if he remembered to pack Kleenex, and telling him about the long list of to-do’s she has waiting for […]