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About 2 months ago, I traveled back home to Maui and played “tourist.” Here’s some photos from that trip. First hug after being away for 2 years! Paia is one of my favorite places on Maui. I love all the little shops and the small town vibe. It makes me happy! Sometimes, the best way to see a place is from above. Helicopter tours in Hawaii are always amazing because you realize just how lush and beautiful the islands really are. Even rainy days in Hawaii are beautiful. They’re my favorite type of days here. My parents got married in this church! Lahaina is another one of my favorite towns on Maui, because of its oceanfront shops and restaurants that are built over the water. It’s such a unique place, and I miss it every time I’m not home. This is traditional Hawaiian food (my favorite type of food!) My brother and sister are my world. I’m so lucky to have them! Walking around Lahaina, the harbor, and having lunch at one of my favorite …