Social Media Management

How well do you know your target audience?

Do you know where your customers like to eat? Do you know which social media platforms they enjoy using? Do you know where they spend their free time?

By getting to know your customers and target audience on a more personal level, you’ll be able to relate to them and provide the services and/or products they want and need.

Where Social Media comes in…

With a strategic social media marketing plan, you will put a human face on your business and get your business in front of the customers you want.

  • Research your audience to determine which platforms they’re using and the days and times they’re online
  • Publish relevant content to social channels where your audience lives online
  • Schedule content in advance so your social channels never go silent
  • Listen to your audience and target audience to find out what they’re talking about and thinking about so you can better promote your business
  • Search relevant hashtags, keywords and trending topics
  • Engage your social media accounts with your followers for increased reach, website visits and an enhanced customer service experience
  • Analyze social media accounts to determine what works and what doesn’t

How can I help you succeed?

Hi! I’m Jasmine. I’m passionate about writing, marketing and social media and I’ve made it my goal to help others grow their business.

Skills that will help you:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Copy
  • Marketing Collateral Copywriting and Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copy Editing
  • Email Marketing
  • Photography and Photo Editing
  • Blogging

Let’s get to work!